Thailand lowers drink driving limit

BANGKOK, 2 June 2017: Tougher measures to combat drink driving came into force in Thailand, Thursday, that will  invalidate a drunk driver’s insurance cover if they are involved in an accident and cracks down on under age drunk drivers.

Announced on TV news channels the new drink driving rules target drivers under the age of 20, who will be considered drunk if they have an alcohol reading of 20 milligrammes. Thailand’s level is set at 50 milligrammes, which brings it inline with the limit set by EU nations.

The 20 milligrammes reading will also apply to drivers using a temporary license or those caught without a license or driving while suspended.

For other drivers they will be prosecuted if the level reaches the 50 milligrammes limit.

In the case of traffic accidents involving drunk driving, drivers with a blood alcohol content over 50 milligrammes they will lose the right to claim insurance cover for both their vehicle and other vehicles involved in an accident.

Insurance companies have been told to add the new conditions to all insurance cover.

The new clause was proposed by traffic police to the military junta following an increase in fatal traffic accidents blamed on driving under the influence of alcohol (DUI).

The amended traffic law with higher penalties for drunk driving was published in the Royal Gazette and released to the public Thursday.

The new law will apply to all insurance policies purchased after 1 June this year.


  1. While Thailand definitely has a drink driving problem, the solution is more common sense not more regulation. This is the beginning of the nanny state folks. What we are already used to in the “developed” countries like Australia where you can be fined A$100 or more for driving a mere 1-2km/h over the speed limit could become reality in Thailand in the next 10-20 years. Not something to look forward to.

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