Marco Polo and Niccolo under one Wharf

HONG KONG, 23 June 2017: Niccolo and Marco Polo Hotels are now officially grouped together under Wharf Hotels Management Limited.

This marks a new chapter in the company’s evolution, with Wharf Hotels now becoming the trading name for Wharf Hotels Management Limited, which in turn manages the two hotel brands.

Headquartered in Hong Kong, and a subsidiary of The Wharf (Holdings) Limited, Wharf Hotels currently manages 14 hotels in China, Hong Kong and the Philippines under its legacy brand of Marco Polo Hotels and the new luxury brand, Niccolo Hotels.

Another four hotels are currently under development, which will bring the portfolio to 18 hotels.

In line with the hotel group’s vision to expand its footprint in Asia Pacific, the new name allows for differentiated and defined strategies to be developed for both brands. The naming convention for Niccolo and Marco Polo operating hotels will remain unchanged.

“Wharf Hotels is a unique management identity for Niccolo and Marco Polo Hotels which allows us to further strengthen the positioning of our brands and explore new development opportunities,” said Wharf Hotels president Jennifer Cronin. “Marco Polo Hotels are already well established in the region while our new brand, Niccolo Hotels will increase from one to five hotels within the next 18 months, as we continue to secure new opportunities in the pipeline.”