MAI codeshare adds Colombo

YANGON, 8 June 2017: Myanmar Airways International and SriLankan Airlines have entered into a codeshare deal that combines one-stop flights Myanmar and Sri Lanka.

The codeshare flights were launched 1 June.

Myanmar Airways International offers flights to Bangkok and Singapore that connect seamlessly with flights operated by SriLankan Airlines from the two major hubs to Colombo the capital of Sri Lanka.

For the passenger, the advantage is they can check through to the final destination. The connection to SriLankan flights, either at Changi or Suvarnabhumi airports, is via the transit hall without the need for immigration checks.

Luggage is checked through to the final destination and boarding passes for both sectors issued on check-in at Yangon airport.

Single ticketing for the entire itinerary is on the issuing airline ID, all the way through to the end destination with the connecting flight identified with a four-digit flight designator code.

MAI will be able to promote travel to Colombo Sri Lanka a popular destination for Buddhist pilgrims, while SriLankan can sell package tours to Myanmar’s famous heritage destinations.