Food tourism to star in TAT promotions

CHIANG MAI, 8 June 2017: Tourism Authority of Thailand has entered into a partnership with Michelin Travel Partner to publish a Bangkok edition of the prestigious Michelin Guide which is expected to allow food lovers to explore Thailand’s culinary scene, raise the profile of Thai restaurants and boost the economy.

The first guide should be released by the end of 2017.

The Michelin Guide Bangkok will be released in a bilingual Thai and English edition and will also be available in a print and digital version.

The guide will be jointly promoted by TAT and is projected to boost overall food spending per head of tourists in Thailand by 10%.

Bangkok will be the focus of the first Thailand based Michelin Guide, with restaurants and eateries from other Thai destinations to be included in later editions.

TAT governor, Yuthasak Supasorn, said: “The partnership between TAT and Michelin will boost high-quality tourism in Thailand, while helping visitors get more out of Thailand’s rich culinary scene. The Guide will also inspire local restaurants to improve their quality and raise the bar in terms of gastronomic excellence.”

Michelin Group’s East Asia and Australia president and managing director, Lionel Dantiacq, added: “Bangkok is one of the world’s culinary capitals, offering amazing cuisine, from fine dining from renowned international chefs to small family-owned eateries. The kingdom’s food also has a long, rich heritage which enhances the pleasure of tourists travelling.”

The Michelin Guides have been published in Europe for more than a century and now cover 28 countries.

The reviews are put together by anonymous inspectors who use time-tested methods to ensure international standards of excellence. A restaurant is then judged for: quality of ingredients; flair and skill in preparation and combining flavours; the chef’s personality as revealed through the cuisine, and value for money and consistency of standards.

Providing a showcase of gourmet dining around the world, the Michelin Guides highlight the culinary dynamism of a country, as well as new trends and emerging young chefs. In addition the Guides contribute to the prestige of the local gastronomy, thereby making cities and countries more attractive to tourists.

Once launched, Thailand will become the sixth country in Asia to have Michelin Guides following China, Hong Kong, Japan, Singapore, and South Korea.

The Thai Cabinet approved a USD4.1 million budget, in February, for Tourism Authority of Thailand to underwrite the Michelin project through a five-year contract (2017 to 2021).

Besides the Michelin project, Ministry of Tourism and Sports also signed an agreement to host the fourth edition of UNWTO World Forum on Gastronomy Tourism in Bangkok next year to help boost the country food tourism sector.

Thailand expects to showcase its potential in food security management and share its culinary arts to the world at this event, as part of the “Kitchen to the World” campaign.

Thailand is also well known for its street food in which, the influential online media website recently named Bangkok as one of the world’s best 23 best destinations for street food and roadside dining.

The TAT governor said: “Thailand’s food is well known around the world, but one thing that all visitors agree on is the high quality and tastiness of everyday street food…street food is one of the things that tourists most love about Thailand, and it brings them back time after time looking to find new tastes and treats.”

“There are a few more ways to celebrate Thainess than through the kingdom’s food, especially the dishes that people enjoy every day up and down the country. Once you start exploring Thailand’s street food, you’ll find that the infinite variety of tastes and flavours keeps you coming back for more.”

Thailand’s Prime Minister, Prayut Chan-o-cha, has called on the Ministry of Tourism and Sports and Bangkok Metropolitan Administration to push forward the promotion and quality of Bangkok’s street food venues.

The tourism ministry is collaborating with Bangkok Metropolitan Administration to reorganise street food by introducing walking streets in the evenings and zoning street food to clear pavements in tourist districts. It is not an outright ban on street food as widely claimed by the media, but a campaign to improve public hygiene such as providing clean running water to wash dishes and cook, raise cooking standards and reduce pavement congestion in certain areas of the city.

(Source: Tourism Authority of Thailand)


  1. Beautiful words for Michelin from TAT ‘s first outside TAT’s governor. The story of Thai food’s fame is beyond Michelin. There are only Michelin Guides published in Europe for more than a century and now cover 28 countries and 6 countries in Asia(included Thailand,the latest), how many countries in the world ?

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