Singapore top veggie spot in ASEAN

SINGAPORE, 19 May 2017: Globally, Dubai, the UK and Singapore were the top choices for vegetarian travellers, according to a Cox & Kings survey.

Third placed Singapore came out ahead over ASEAN rivals Malaysia and Singapore in the Veggie ranking commissioned by one of India’s top travel firms.

Indian Express quoted the Cox & Kings survey results, Thursday, saying that due to the high vegetarian population in the country, outbound travellers choose a destination based on accessibility to vegetarian food.

Globally Dubai, the UK and Singapore were the most popular.

Other destinations preferred by Indian vegetarians were the US, Switzerland, Malaysia, Israel, Thailand, Australia and New Zealand, the survey noted.

Predictably the availability of vegetarian food was a top priority for travellers when finalising the destinations to visit.

The latest Cox & Kings survey, ‘Top vegetarian-friendly destinations and preferences of Indian vegetarian outbound travellers’ was conducted from January to March 2017 with a sampling of 5,000 respondents in age groups ranging from 20 to 65 years sourced through the tour operator’s nationwide offices.

The main findings showed that 70% of vegetarian travellers surveyed decided on a destination based on accessibility to vegetarian food, while 30% said they would search for a vegetarian restaurant once they had selected a destination.

It found that 85% of the younger generation, between the age group 20 to 45 years, were open to cosmopolitan tours where  veggie food options could be sourced on the go. However, the majority travellers, 46 to 65 years, said they would book a group tour that offered exclusively vegetarian food.

The survey noted that 71% of vegetarian travellers opted for vegetarian tours over cosmopolitan ones, the reason being the availability of meals of their choice.

Hotels with vegetarian restaurants were preferred by 53% of  vegetarian travellers, whereas only 20% said they would be fine with a multi-cuisine restaurant, it said.

“The demand for vegetarian outbound tours mainly comes from the states of Gujarat, Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan and Tamil Nadu,” Cox and Kings head of public relationships, Karan Anand told the Indian Express.

(Source: Indian Express)