Hemmed in by fat passengers

BANGKOK, 9 May 2017: An Australian man is suing American Airlines for USD100,000 after he claims a 14-hour flight left him permanently injured according to a report in the US travel news service Travel Pulse.

Michael Anthony Taylor, 67, said he was seated between two obese passengers on a 14-hour flight from Sydney, Australia to Los Angeles, California.

Although he asked for a change or seat or a swap between one of the fat passengers with a trimmer traveller, the airline said the 310-seat 777 was full.

Taylor claims he was forced to spend much of the flight, “crouching, kneeling, bracing or standing.”

The cramped seating and encroachment of the passengers next to him triggered a flare up of his scoliosis and caused permanent injuries to his lower and upper back, as well as bruising of his neck according to the lawsuit.

The incident occurred 17 months earlier on 28 December 2016, but the lawsuit gave no explanation why it had taken so long to file.

However, Taylor’s attorney told the New York Post that he believes if this suit is successful, it could lead the way to more comfortable airline seating.

“If Michael is successful, this throws open the doors to potentially a large amount of cases against airlines and how they’ve designed their seating and how they seat passengers,” said Thomas Janson, Taylor’s attorney. “There will be a huge outcry against the way airlines furnish their cabins, particularly in economy.”