Faster finds on TripAdvisor

BANGKOK, 25 May 2017: TripAdvisor, announced, Wednesday, a new streamlined experience for its native iOS app available in Apple’s App Store.

Now travellers can more easily plan every aspect of their trip on the TripAdvisor app, including finding low prices for the right hotel, as well as get the best value on flights, holiday rentals, restaurants and other things to do in-destination. With advice from millions of global travellers, the newly redesigned app empowers travellers with the insights they need to make informed travel choices with the confidence they will have a great trip.

“Travellers want to know they’re getting the best value on a hotel and other parts of the trip, and we have now redesigned our app to make sure they do just that,” said TripAdvisor chief executive officer and co-founder, Stephen Kaufer. “The new TripAdvisor app experience allows travellers to compare prices and book their hotel, find great things to do on the go, and unleash the full potential of their trip.”

The new app better supports the needs of millions of hotel shoppers increasingly coming to TripAdvisor to compare prices, discover what to do in-destination and confidently make great decisions on their travel. Travellers visiting the new native app will notice a simpler and more streamlined design, as well as greater consistency across TripAdvisor’s various travel categories.

From a new homepage that makes it easier to find the right hotel for a travellers’ trip, to newly enhanced hotel search pages that put price comparison front and centre, TripAdvisor has created a best-in-class experience for travellers.

TripAdvisor has also updated its “Things to Do” and “Restaurants” categories pages, which now adapt to user preferences and make customised recommendations based on machine learning.

Travellers will find it easier than ever to access essential travel insights, including more than 500 million reviews and opinions covering 7 million accommodation suppliers, airlines, restaurants and attractions globally. They will also find it easier to get great prices on every hotel search, as TripAdvisor searches more than 200 booking sites. This saves travellers time, effort and makes it easy to discover the best travel options that fit their preferences and budget.

New TripAdvisor App Features

“Best Value” hotel rankings: To ensure travellers get the best value on great places to stay, hotels are now ranked and sorted based on a combination of a number of proprietary factors, including traveller ratings, hotel rates, booking popularity, brand affinity and location. A “Traveller Ranked” filter also remains available to help travellers search for top-rated hotels based on quality, quantity and recency of reviews on the site.

Itinerary & trip collaboration: Travellers now have the ability to save and create trips, and collaborate with friends and family on the must-dos through a new feature called “My Trips.”

360-degree photos: In addition to the more than 98 million candid traveller photos available on the site, new 360-degree photos give travellers a first-hand look inside hotels around the world.

Safe & secure booking: A vaulted credit card feature makes TripAdvisor’s instant booking platform safe, easy and quick for users looking to save money on the right hotel room for them.

The new iOS app is available across all 48 markets where TripAdvisor operates. TripAdvisor will roll out a redesigned user experience with the new features and design elements on TripAdvisor’s Android native app, as well as the company’s mobile and desktop websites in the near future.