Downward trend in agency bookings

BANGKOK, 9 May 2017: Association of Thai Travel Agents’ member companies handled 1,887,821 travellers, January to April this year, at Suvarnabhumi and Don Mueang airports representing a decline of 11.63% from 2,136,197 visits during the same period last year.

ATTA released its data, last week, based on fees member agencies pay to the two airports to provide meet-and-greet services for international clients, but limited to travel through Bangkok.

The association’s president, Vichit Prakobgosol, said the number of tourists travelling on itineraries sold by the association’s member companies, this year, should be around the same as last year.

“China, India and ASEAN especially Indonesia, Vietnam and the Philippines are potential markets that tourism operators should tap to improve prospects.”

He added: “We also should maintain promising market like Europe…East Europe offers new opportunities for tourism operators.”

However, a leading ATTA member with a strong market in Europe said the company  had seen a decline in bookings from Europeans this year as travellers prefer to book direct or through online booking sites.

“The country is gaining more European visitors,  but tour companies are seeing their share of the business decline mainly due to the growth of online bookings.”

Last year, the association handled 5,377,843 travellers at Suvarnabhumi and Don Mueang airports representing a 3.04% increase from 5,219,066 in 2015.

January to April performance

Although recording a decline of 22.84%, China led the field with 1,065,782 visits for the first four months of the year compared to 1,381,308 visits during the same period last year.

South Korea ranked in second place with 97,260 visits down 65.55% from 58,748 visits.

The next top five markets were: Russia (90,409; -15.75%); India (71,003; +18.76%); and Vietnam (68,140; +38.08%).

April: Suvarnabhumi performance

In April, there were 291,390 foreign tourists who travelled with association members at Suvarnabhumi Airport, down 20.80% from 367,919 visits during the same month last year.

China was the top source of travel agency bookings in April with 143,605 visits, decreasing 33.61% from 216,309 visits.

South Korea followed in second place with 20,958 visits up 93.02% from 10,858 visits during the same month last year.

India ranked third with 15,714 visits decreasing 8.89% from 17,248 visits.

Vietnam was fourth with 12,913 visits growing 33.18% from 9,696 visits, while the United Kingdom in fifth place, with 7,105 visits, up 3.71% from 6,851 visits.

The next top five markets in April were: Japan (6,570; +1.62%); Russia (6,539; -65.46%); Hong Kong (4,591; +70.73%); Taiwan (4,035; 23.51%); and Germany (3,920; +8.95%).

April: Don Mueang performance

The association also reported 159,139 tourists used member companies at Don Mueang Airport in April, decreasing 7.75% from 172,500 during the same month last year.

China also topped arrivals at the second gateway recording 135,587 visits,  down 12.36% from 154,701 visits.

Indonesia was second with 6,822 visits, up 17.46% from 5,808 visits during the same month in 2016.

Vietnam ranked third recording 6,805 visits, an increase of 35.29% from 5,030 visits.

India in fourth place, with 3,039 visits, improved 212.98% from 971, while Malaysia in fifth place, with 1,966 visits, increased 25.78% from 1,563 visits.

The next top five markets in April were: Myanmar (1,484; -11.24%); South Korea (1,284; +141.35%); Taiwan (549; -40.90%); Japan (328; -39.37%); and UK (261; +99.24%).

Top 10 source markets for ATTA agents January to April 2017 at both Suvarnabhumi and Don Mueang airports


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