TripAdvisor clocks up half billion

NEEDHAM, MASS US, 20 April 2017: TripAdvisor announced, Wednesday, that it has crossed the 500 million reviews and opinions milestone.

The popular travel planning and booking site and app now posts 290 pieces of content every minute of every day.

The phenomenal growth in user-generated content has been fuelled by travellers’ desire to “pay it forward” with insights and advice for millions of other global users.

Top performers

The most reviewed tourist attraction in the world: The Basilica of the Sagrada Familia in Barcelona Spain, has more than 104,000 traveller reviews.

Most reviewed hotel in the world: The Luxor Las Vegas in Las Vegas, Nevada, has more than 28,000 traveller reviews.

Most reviewed restaurant in the world: Pasteis de Belem in Lisbon, Portugal, has more than 25,000 traveller reviews.

“Since launching 17 years ago, TripAdvisor has revolutionised the travel industry by creating an environment where consumers can share honest opinions of their experiences and where businesses can see the rewards of achieving consistently high standards of service and value from the community,” said TripAdvisor chief executive officer and co-founder, Stephen Kaufer.

“Many savvy businesses report seeing incremental increases in the ratings and rankings on TripAdvisor when they engage with travellers by responding to reviews and using the feedback to improve their customers’ experience.”

In 2014, Oxford EconomicsĀ¹ quantified the economic impact and added value generated for the travel industry by consumers using TripAdvisor. The study showed that TripAdvisor reviews and other content are not only heavily influencing much of the world’s travel activity, but are in fact the cause of some increase in travel activity.

Oxford Economics found that reviews, in particular, play a very important part in increasing travel activity by:

Creating Transparency: Consumers are clear about the positives and negatives of the hotels, restaurants or attractions they’re considering.

Building Trust: Consumers are confident that TripAdvisor’s content is reliable and trustworthy.

Growing Content Depth & Breadth: Travellers see an enormous amount of aggregated information and reviews about accommodations, restaurants and attractions all over the world.

Easing the Process of Searching & Booking: Travellers can easily find and compare prices and make a booking.