THAI and Bangkok Airways codeshare

BANGKOK, 11 April 2017: Thailand’s national airline, Thai Airways International and the country’s leading privately owned airline, Bangkok Airways, signed a comprehensive codeshare agreement Monday for flights on 10 domestic and four international routes.

THAI’s acting president Usanee Sangsingkeo and President Bangkok Airways president, Puttipong Prasarttong-Osoth signed the agreement at a ceremony held at THAI head office.

Commercially the codeshare agreement will push passenger traffic through THAI’s global network to Bangkok Airways’ flights serving Thailand and key tourist destinations in the Mekong Region and the Maldives.

THAI passengers will benefit from through ticketing, baggage check-in to final destinations on more domestic routes than previously allowed.

The codeshare agreement covers 10 domestic flights and four international flights operated by Bangkok Airways.

Domestic roundtrip flights on 10 routes: Bangkok-Samui; Bangkok-Chiang Mai; Bangkok-Chiang Rai; Bangkok-Phuket; Bangkok-Krabi; Bangkok-Lampang; Bangkok-Sukhothai; Bangkok-Trat; Chiang Mai-Mae Hong Son, and Samui-Phuket.

International flights on four routes: Bangkok-Danang (Vietnam); Bangkok-Luang Prabang (Laos); Bangkok-Maldives (Malé); and Bangkok-Siem Reap (Cambodia).

This immediately increases THAI’s cover of Thailand’s domestic destinations and popular destinations in neighbouring countries at its sales offices worldwide. Currently, the choices for connecting to domestic flights is limited to Thai Smile’s network, a fully owned subsidiary of Thai Airways International. Bangkok has a wider choice of destinations including popular  Samui island.

The attraction of codeshare flights for passengers is the through ticketing on a single fare, ability to pass through transit at the Bangkok gateway airport saving ground time, luggage checked through to the final domestic destination and the issue of multiple boarding passes at the departure point for the entire trip.

Bangkok Airways gains just one single route under the codeshare agreement; THAI’s popular Bangkok-Singapore roundtrip service. It means a passenger can travel on Bangkok Airways from any of its domestic stations and connect seamlessly with a THAI flight to Singapore.

This can currently be accomplished through THAI Smile domestic flights, but now passengers will have a wider choice of departure times.

The two air carriers entered into an interline agreement in 2003, which made it possible for passengers to purchase air tickets and conveniently travel on connecting flights between THAI and Bangkok Airways, which help to boost commercial sales for both airlines.

The agreement between THAI and Bangkok Airways has now been upgraded to codeshare status in order to expand commercial sales.

Bangkok Airways codeshare agreements with 22 leading airlines, worldwide.