Come and get me

NAKHON RATCHASIMA, 5 April 2017: The Head of Thailand’s  Khao Yai National Park has filed a complaint with the police against a car owner who taunted a wild elephant.

Harassing wild life is a violation of the national park’s regulation.

Thailand’s National News Bureau reported Khao Yai National Park head, Khanchit Srinopphawan, reported that a Camry sedan driver intentionally challenged a wild elephant to chase his car in Khao Yai National Park.

A female passenger recorded the moment when the elephant tried to approach the car.

The Khao Yai National Park’s inspected CCTV footage at national park gates to confirm the vehicle’s license number.

Video was submitted as evidence and police were asked to find the driver, he said.

The driver will be charged with violating the National Park Act 1961 by endangering wildlife, disturbing wildlife and people with loud noise, and ignoring the park’s guidelines. The maximum punishment is a prison term of one month and/or a fine of THB500, said the Khao Yai National Park head.

The head of Khao Yai National Park reiterated that tourists entering the wildlife habitat must strictly follow the rules in order to prevent incidents, injuries or losses.

There have been numerous incidents of wild elephants taking umbrage with cars and noisy motorcycles on a highway that passes through the parkland. Videos of elephants stomping on car hoods and tearing off wing mirrors gained thousands of views on popular social media channels. Possibly the car driver wanted to gain fame or gain a high volume of social media hits.

(Source: NNT)