AoT reports Songkran travel surge

BANGKOK, 10 April 2017: Airports of Thailand estimates 5.36 million passengers will travel to and from six airports, under its management, during 5 to 18 April.

AoT said 32,357 flights will land and take off at the six airports during Thailand’s biggest festive week.

Songkran festival travel is the main driver, but domestic travel was already on the rise 5 April just a day ahead of the public holiday known as Chakri Memorable Day.

Many Thai families take advantage of the close proximity of the two holidays to block their annual leave to give them up to two weeks off work.

AoT president, Nitinai Sirismatthakarn, said in a statement, last week, that all of the six airports reported a surge in travel and this will continue as the Songkran holiday gets underway 13 April and closes 17 August.

The six airports under its management are: Suvarnabhumi; Don Mueang; Phuket; Chiang Mai; Hat Yai and Chiang Rai.

During 5 to 18 April, AoT estimates 32,357 flights will land and take off, about 2,312 flights per day representing an increase of 7.22% over the same period last year.

Passenger traffic will reach 5.36 million at the six airports or 383,188 passengers per day increasing 12.05% during the same period in 2016. Airports count disembarkations, transit and embarkations in the passenger calculation.

Estimated performances at the six airports during the festive holiday are:

Suvarnabhumi: 972 flights daily (+5.02%) and 184,000 passenger movements daily (+14.25%);
Don Mueang: 698 flights (+5.11%) and 104,700 passengers daily (+7.24%).
Phuket: 293 flights (+11.24%) and 46,200 a day passengers (+9.25%).
Chiang Mai: 208 flights (+12.87%) and 27,900 passengers daily (+16.73%).
Hat Yai: 90 flights (+19.66%) and 13,000 passengers daily (+16.76%).
Chiang Rai: 51 flights (+16.69%) and 7,200 passengers daily (+24.08%).

Queues at airports will be longer and passengers are advised to check-in early.