Virtual race along the Silk Road

HANGZHOU, CHINA, 30 March 2017: Hangzhou Tourism Commission in partnership with Expedia Media Solutions, has launched a virtual space  “Silk Road Race, Explore the Living Hangzhou” tourism campaign.

Virtual explorers from England, France, and Germany will compete against each other to reach a virtual Hangzhou, by accumulating 5,500 tweets.

Revisiting the Silk Road’s, more than 1,000 years of cultural exchange  that spanned 5,500 miles from Europe to China is measured by tweet posts not miles in this virtual race.

Participants from selected countries can participate by retweeting or creating a tweet with the hashtag, #silkroadrace, to unlock Hangzhou’s “See, Do, Eat, Stay” travel tips.

Taking a step closer to Hangzhou for every tweet, the country that first reaches 5,500 interactions will enter the lucky draw for a trip to Hangzhou, sponsored by China Southern Airlines and JW Marriott Hotel Hangzhou.

“Silk Road Race, Explore the Living Hangzhou” campaign opens a window for travellers, worldwide, to discover Hangzhou, China.

The “Silk Road Race, Explore the Living Hangzhou” campaign will be updated in real time on the campaign website and advertised across platforms, to encourage participation and competitiveness between the countries.