Thai travel agency business dips

BANGKOK, 22 March 2017: Association of Thai Travel Agents’ member companies handled 906,558 travellers, January to February, at Suvarnabhumi and Don Mueang airports representing a decline of 10.14% when compared with 1,008,879 visits during the same period last year.

ATTA released its data, Monday, based on fees member agencies pay to the two airports to provide meet-and-greet services for international clients, but limited to travel through Bangkok.

The association president, Charoen Wangananont, said the slow down was due to an above average and extraordinary growth registered during the first two months of 2016.

In January this year, ATTA members suffered a loss of 11.53% from 433,996 to 490,544 visits. During February trips stood at 472,562 down 8.83%.

“China, Russia, South Korea and Japan should continue to be key markets supporting the tourism industry this year,” he said.

The president told members to spread their business across many markets in Asia, ASEAN, Russia and CIS. Relying on a single market was a risky strategy, he said.

January to February

Although recording a decline of 23.62%, mainly due to the loss of zero-dollar tours, trips from China stood at 473,091 visits for the first two months of the year compared to 619,379 visits year-on-year.

Russia ranked in second place with 70,890 visits increasing 17.53% from 60,316 visits.

The next top five markets were: South Korea (47,253; +37.33%); India (35,103; +36.04%); and Japan (32,556; +5.38%).

February: Suvarnabhumi performance

In February,  341,009 foreign tourists travelled on member company itineraries  arriving at Suvarnabhumi Airport. It represented  a decline of  7.28% from 367,784 visits during the same month last year.

China was the top source of travel agency bookings in February with 134,460 visits,  down 26.78% from 186,358 visits.

Russia followed in second place with 34,805 visits up 24.06% from 28,055 visits during the same month last year.

South Korea ranked third with 23,140 visits increasing 62.64% from 14,228 visits.

Japan was fourth with 16,810 visits decreasing 2.38% from 17,219 visits, while India in fifth place, with 15,515 visits, up 36.46% from 11,370 visits.

The next top five markets in February were: Vietnam (9,319; +3.19%); the United Kingdom (9,085; -11.21%); Germany (8,155; -0.18%); France (6,221; +25.78%); Taiwan (4,537; +16.51%).

February: Don Mueang performance

The association also reported 131,553 tourists used member companies at Don Mueang Airport in February, down 12.62% from 150,551 during the same month last year.

China also topped arrivals at the second gateway recording 106,679 visits, but down 19.34% from 132,253 visits.

Indonesia was second with 6,440 visits, up 28.36% from 5,017 visits during the same month in 2016.

Vietnam ranked third recording 5,785 visits, an increase of 36.76% from 4,230 visits.

India in fourth place, with 3,137 visits, improved 320.51% from 746, while South Korea in fifth place, with 2,882 visits, increased 107.94% from 1,386 visits.

The next top five markets in February were: Japan (2,551; +25.36%); Malaysia (2,098; -11.48%); Taiwan (348; -40.92%); Poland (312; +67.74%); Myanmar (246; -17.17%).

Top 10 source markets for ATTA agents January to February 2017 at both Suvarnabhumi and Don Mueang airports


  1. if you count the flights from your area of interest, you can get more reliable estimation of tourists which are usually half the numbers reported by tat or atta

  2. Yes, should cover all international airports where there are ATTA members doing business but the counting must be the first arrival from overseas for getting away from double counting.

    • I wish they would include the two southern airports as it would fill out what is very reliable arrival data that is trade orientated. ATTA should be given support to extend the research footprint if it cannot afford to manage the service alone.

      • On Thursday 30 March 2017, ATTA will elect a new ATTA Board of Directors and we may hope that the new ATTA Board of Directors will be listening ATTA Members from other tourism destination in Thailand, as all emails and complains sent to ATTA Office never get a reply which is very disappointing.
        All our oversea customers arrive straight to Phuket International Airport for diving and touring Southern Thailand and the andaùman Sea and most of them never go to Bangkok.

        ATTA Member (Association of Thai Travel Agents): N°188 (Since 1984)

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