THAI suspends ticket change fee

BANGKOK, 8 March 2017: Thai Airways International has cancelled ticket change surcharges due to the likelihood of flight delays at Suvarnabhumi airport.

Maintenance work is now being carried out on the east runway and B1 taxiway, 3 March to 2 May.

THAI announced the end of the cancellation fee only for delayed flights at Bangkok’s main airport.

A part of Suvarnabhumi Airport’s east runway is closed for repairs for two months.

THAI’s acting president, Usanee Sangsingkeo, warned that delays were to be expected at Suvarnabhumi Airport.

“The company issued a waiver on the ticket change surcharge for passengers who have flight connections to an onward destination operated by THAI as they miss flights due to work on the runway, 3 March to 2 May 2017.”

The airline has also decided to carry additional jet fuel on flight sbased on the air traffic conditions and has made plans to use other airports in the country, such as U-tapao Airport and airports served by THAI if needed.

According to the maintenance project, a 935-metre section at the north end of the east runway and the entire stretch of the B1 taxiway is now closed.

The remaining stretch of the runway that does not need repairs and can still be used for some take-offs.

The standard handling capacity of 68 flights per hour may be reduced to around 60 flights.

Airports of Thailand officials said they had a contingency plan to use U-Tapao airport as an alternative in case air traffic becomes too congested at Suvarnabhumi airport.