Sleep tight with Mövenpick

BAAR, SWITZERLAND, 14 March 2017: Mövenpick Hotels & Resorts is launching a ground-breaking new room category concept that guarantees guests what they value the most – a good night’s sleep.

All Mövenpick hotels in Germany, the Netherlands and Switzerland will feature this new room category from 17 March 2017, which is World Sleep Day.

The group teamed up with Swedish bed manufacturer YouBed and tested the concept for six months.

The new ‘Sleep individually different’ will offer:

  • Personalised comfort
  • An individually different bed
  • Complete darkness
  • Total silence

The new beds and customised rooms adopt the latest technology to help guests personalise their environment, creating optimal conditions for deep sleep, the group claims.

Mattias Sörensen, the founder and CEO of YouBed commented: “Studies reveal that nothing has a greater impact on customer satisfaction than a comfortable bed. Given that all guests have different comfort needs, it is groundbreaking that Mövenpick now offers rooms with a one-bed-fits-all solution. Each guest can also fine tune different parts of the bed, to achieve a really perfect personalisation.”

The ‘Sleep individually different’ rooms, which are priced at  €15 more than a standard room, offer several complimentary amenities such as sleeping masks, ear plugs, lavender pads and black-out stickers that cover lights on electronic devices. Guests in ‘Sleep’ rooms can also tuck into free slumber-inducing goodies such as herbal teas and Mövenpick chocolate.

To create the ideal environment for rest, the rooms are located in quiet areas of the hotel and are kitted out with night curtains for total darkness and special high quality natural bedding. Neck pillows and allergy-free bedding are available too.