Silver generation keeps on travelling

BANGKOK, 6 March 2017: More than 80% of Britons over 50 expect to enjoy travelling until they are at least 75 – and nearly half say they feel 10 years or younger than they are according to a survey conducted by Silver Travel Advisor.

That was a key finding in an annual survey by the UK travel booking website, Silver Travel Advisor, based on responses from 500 people age 50 or more.

It illustrates how the imaginary age ceiling for silver generation travel is literally going through the ceiling to the late 70s and 80s age bracket.

The website specialises in silver generation travel and claims in its latest survey that two thirds (67%) believe people shouldn’t even be considered old until they hit 80.

And an optimistic 6% of those questioned thought their ‘good years’ of travel would continue until they were 90. One said: “If it were not for the odd arthritic twinge now and again, I feel the same as I did when I was 40 years younger.”

This latest evidence suggests, after excluding people with chronic health problems, people in their mid-70s to 80s remain avid travellers and contrary to popular belief they are comfortable booking direct on the internet rather than through travel agents.

The survey noted that 70% took three of more holidays a year, while 20% take five or more.

Silver Travel Advisor said: “Clearly low interest rates have persuaded a sizeable proportion of mature travellers that they might as well spend their money on trips as leave it invested.”

More than a third (38%) said poor returns on they savings meant they spent more on travel. When it came to the choice of destinations, 38% said they were more likely to take a long-haul trip this year than last – but 21% said they were less likely to do so. The research did not take specific account of Brexit’s impact on the value of the UK pound.

However, it found that almost half (49%) who took holidays in North Africa (e.g. Tunisia, Egypt or Morocco) were less likely to travel there this year.

Silver Travel Advisor introduces statistics on the “silver generation” stating the over-50s account for 76% of the UK’s wealth, with 68% of the over 55s describing themselves as financially comfortable and more than one in 10 pensioners having cumulated wealth worth more than £1 million. (THB48 million).

The average spend per trip is between UKP3,000 to UKP5,000 including air fares.