HG Holdings creates foundation

BANGKOK, 8 March 2017: HG Holdings has launched a foundation tasked with centralising and expanding the companies CSR activities, ahead of what the group calls a major expansion in Asia.

Led by a group of experienced leaders, HG Foundation will spearhead the company’s vision to create brighter future for tourism in Asia.

The company named Darius Postma to head leadership of the programme as its foundation director.

Foundation Director Darius Postma and US ambassador Ted Osius get their hands dirty at the annual Halong Bay Big clean-up.

After joining Bhaya cruises and being appointed the project leader for the cruises’ CSR programme, he will now use the knowledge gained from his success in Vietnam and implement it throughout all of HG Holdings’ subsidiaries.

“Unlike some other CSR programmes, the HG Foundation isn’t an add-on or secondary project, we plan to implement our vision into every aspect of business,” said Postma.

Prior to its official launch, the HG Foundation has been working closely with HG Holdings’ subsidiaries to implement CSR initiatives around Southeast Asia.

HG Holdings is the parent company for four core fields of business within Asia. Travel with the newly rebranded ASIA DMC and SENS ASIA which launched last year, cruise operation with Bhaya cruises, Au Co cruise, and Legend Halong. It is also the hospitality arm managing Lang Co Beach Resort and a new five-star luxury river resort in Hoi An and general sales agent for American Airlines, Jeju Air and Turkish Airlines.