Travelling together pays

BANGKOK, 9 February 2017: Finnair launches a “Fly Away Together” promotion for two passengers who travel together to destinations in Europe.

The fares save around 40% off market fares quoted by travel agents.

The campaign runs from March until the end of December, this year. Bookings must be confirmed by the end of this month.

inside no 1The lowest roundtrip fare, ex-Bangkok, is a THB19,300 to Paris. The fare includes one piece of luggage with a maximum weight of 23 kg, as well as all taxes and fees.

Other fares: THB19,800, Zurich; THB21,000 London; THB21,800, Copenhagen; THB22,100, Manchester; THB22,500, Frankfurt; THB23,400, Berlin; THB23,700, Stockholm; THB24,000, Brussels; THB24,900, Barcelona; THB25,800 Gothenburg and Oslo; THB26,300, Dusseldorf; and THB26,700 Helsinki.

If the passenger travels alone to the same destinations, the promotion begins  with an inclusive roundtrip fare of THB20,900 to Paris;

Other fares:THB21,500, Zurich, THB22,800, London; THB23,600, Copenhagen; THB24,000, Manchester; THB24,450, Frankfurt; THB25,350, Berlin; THB25,700, Stockholm; THB26,000, Brussels; THB27,000 Barcelona; THB28,000 Gothenburg and Oslo; THB28,300 Helsinki; and THB28,500 Dusseldorf.

Bookings must be made by 28 February this year.

Travel periods are: 2 March to 6 April; 18 April to 28 June; and 1 September to 30 November this year. Return by 30 December this year.

Minimum stay is five days or the night between Saturday and Sunday. Maximum stay is one month.

Fares may vary due to currency fluctuation. The promotions save up to 40%.