Travelindex names top dining spots

BANGKOK, 21 February 2017: Travelindex has launched its first Global Restaurant City Guide featuring the Top 25 restaurants of the Thai capital.

Restaurant ratings and reviews are based on unbiased and authentic consumer response, according to Travelindex.

The Top25Restaurants website guide is an extension of the site’s own “Restaurant Rating Index”, which combines social media and review sites and input from culinary experts.

inside no 9The rating covers a scale of one to 100, where 100 is best.

Travelindex founder, Bernard Metzger said: “Existing guides and websites offer either too much choice, and one gets frustrated by the many layers to go through, or lists restaurants on curated sites  that tend to be expensive with Michelin-star quality of cooking and a price tag to match.

“Our aim, with the Top 25 Restaurants guide series, is to give, diners and foodies alike a tool to easily match their aspirations, location and budget.”

Travelindex owns digital media products, brands and a technology framework helping businesses create online marketing solutions.

Since 2013 Travelindex has spearheaded its “Travel Rating Index” a system and platform measuring objectively, in the same way worldwide, based on a criteria important for travellers.