TITF: Consumers can bag bargains

BANGKOK, 16 February 2017: Airlines are cutting fares by around 20% during the 20th Thai International Travel Fair at Queen Sirikit Convention Centre that closes this Sunday.

Thai AirAsia sells a one-way fare, inclusive of taxes and fees, ex-Bangkok, starting at THB540 to Ubon Ratchathani, Udon Thani, Surat Thani and Nakhon Si Thammarat.

Other fares start at THB640 to Krabi and Trang.

inside no 3THB740: Buri Ram, Khon Kaen, Loei, Nakhon Phanom, Phitsanulok, Nan and Trang.

THB790: Chiang Mai, Chiang Rai and Roi Et.

A THB830 fare sells on Fly-Thru services to Khanom, Pai, Sukhothai, Surin and Chiang Khan. A THB940 fare sells to Tao, Samui, Phang Ngan, Lipe, Lanta, Phi Phi, and Yao Noi.

Fares on international routes: THB990 Yangon; THB1,190 Singapore, Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City; THB1,590 Luang Prabang and Siem Reap; and THB1,805 Phnom Penh, Mandalay and Vientiane.

Other fares: THB1,990 Macau, Penang, Shantou, Shenzhen and Changsha; and THB2,290 Hong Kong, Kunming, Guangzhou, Chennai and Kolkata.

The promotion travel period is 16 February to 31 July this year.

inside no 3.1Nok Air sells a one-way fare, inclusive of airport taxes and surcharges, departing Bangkok at THB899 to Phitsanulok, Nan, Chiang Mai, Chiang Rai, Udon Thani, Ubon Ratchathani, Khon Kaen, Sakon Nakhon, Buri Ram, Nakhon Phanom, Loei, Roi Et, Phuket, Hat Yai, Nakhon Si Thammarat, Krabi, Trang and Surat Thani. This fare is only for travel Monday through to Thursday.

For travel throughout the week, the fare starts at THB999 to Nan, Chiang Mai, Chiang Rai, Phrae, Lampang, Phitsanulok, Sakon Nakhon, Ubon Ratchathani, Udon Thani, Khon Kaen, Nakhon Phanom, Buri Ram, Loei, Roi Et, Hat Yai, Nakhon Si Thammarat, Krabi, Phuket, Trang, and Surat Thani.

A THB1,299 fare sells to Chumphon, Mae Sot, Ranong including Chiang Mai-Udon Thani route and international routes to Yangon, Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City.

The promotion travel period is 20 February to 30 September this year.

inside no 3.3Bangkok Airways presents a one-way inclusive fare at THB1,090 to Chiang Mai, Chiang Rai, Lampang, Sukhothai, Trat, Krabi and Phuket. This compares with regular fares of around THB1,650 for these routes.

Inclusive roundtrip fares to Mekong destinations: THB4,465 Vientiane and Luang Prabang; THB4,555 Danang; THB4,820 Siem Reap and Phnom Penh; and THB4,880 Yangon, Mandalay and Nay Pyi Taw.

Other fares: THB7,305 Dhaka; THB7,845 Mumbai; and THB15,410 Maldives. Travel period is open until 30 June this year.

Malaysia Airlines offers inclusive roundtrip fares to Malaysia starting at THB3,380 to Kuala Lumpur, THB5,000 Penang and THB6,000 Kuching and Kota Kinabalu.

ASEAN: THB5,365 Singapore; THB7,310 Bali; THB7,375 the Philippines; THB7,465 Jakarta; and THB8,090 Brunei.

South Asia: THB8,340 Chennai; THB8,595 Colombo; THB8,620 Bangalore; THB8,695 Mumbai; THB8,910 Nepal; THB8,955 Hyderabad; THB9,590 Delhi; and THB9,910 Bangladesh.

East Asia: THB9,370 Taipei; THB13,270 Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Xiamen; THB13,665 South Korea; THB13,780 Hong Kong; THB15,105 Tokyo; and THB16,925 Osaka.

Oceania: THB12,365 Perth; THB12,735 Darwin; THB14,320 Sydney; THB16,965 Melbourne; THB18,850 Adelaide; and THB25,055 New Zealand. Travel period extends to 30 September this year.

EVA Air presents an inclusive roundtrip fare starting at THB8,095 to Taiwan.

inside no 3.2Europe fares: THB20,485 to Amsterdam; THB23,960 Vienna; THB24,345 Paris; and THB24,715 to London.

North America fares: THB26,290 Vancouver; THB26,735 Los Angeles and San Francisco; THB30,735 Chicago; THB31,735 New York; THB32,235 Seattle;  THB32,710 Toronto; and THB35,735 Houston.

Travel period extends to 30 September this year.

Etihad offers an inclusive roundtrip fare starting at THB15,675 to Abu Dhabi.

Europe: THB21,800 Paris; THB22,330 Dublin; THB24,195 Moscow; THB24,675 Munich; THB24,700 Milan; THB24,925 Brussels; THB25,280 Rome; THB25,285 Frankfurt; THB25,640 Zurich and London; and THB26,140 Edinburgh.

US: THB31,560 New York; and THB35,690 Washington DC.

Travel period extend to 10 December this year.

inside no 3.4Jetstar offers inclusive roundtrip fares ex-Bangkok starting at THB2,758 to Ho Chi Minh City and THB3,234 to Hanoi.

Travel periods are: 20 February to 4 April; 21 April to 25 April; 4 May to 20 May; and 6 September to 20 September this year.

A THB2,343 fare sells to Singapore to travel during: 25 April to 10 June; 12 July to 30 August; and 13 September to 15 November this year.

A THB11,872 fare sells to Melbourne for travel during: 20 February to 23 March; 9 May to 20 June; and 1 August to 14 September this year.

Ex-Phuket, the airline offers a THB2,143 fare to Singapore. Travel periods are: 25 April to 10 June; 12 July to 30 August; and 13 September to 28 October this year.

A THB13,767 fare sells to Sydney for travel during 3 March to 28 March, 4 May to 20 June, and 1 August to 14 September this year.

A THB13,872 fare sells to Melbourne travelling on 2 March to 29 March, 4 May to 20 June and 1 August and 14 September this year.

All the airlines’ promotional fares are valid for TITF fair goers to book until Sunday evening, 19 February, except for Malaysia Airlines which keeps bookings open until 26 February via the airline website.


  1. Airlines are cutting fares by around 20%. This is no where close to the rosy picture painted by the authorities. desperado!

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