Roundabout cross country fares

CHIANG MAI, 27 February 2017: Thai Airways International is offering “Special Cross Country” promotional fares for travel from Chiang Mai to Phuket and Krabi in South Thailand.

Cross country refers to the need to book an indirect routing that combines a Chiang Mai-Bangkok flight with a connecting flight to Krabi or Phuket, out of Bangkok.

But it is competitive if you don’t mind downtime in busy Suvarnabhumi Airport notorious for its expensive junk food and snacks, that are double the prices  at the same branded outlets at luxury downtown shopping malls.

The promotion sells one-way fares, inclusive of airport taxes and fees, ex-Chiang Mai starting at THB2,500 to Krabi and THB2,700 to Phuket.

The fares combine two domestic sectors via the airline’s Bangkok hub at Suvarnabhumi Airport, where a change of plane is required with varying connecting times of one hour to around two hours if you are unlucky.

A nonstop service to the southern resorts from Chiang Mai has a flight time of two hours.  Flying to Bangkok and then connecting with a flight to the southern resorts on THAI will add around two hours to the end-to-end journey, depending on the connecting time between flights. (Minimum one hour)

Bookings and travel period are open until 31 March this year. Tickets are valid for 14 days.

The promotion is for an economy class ticket one-way via Bangkok by THAI flights (TG three digits) only. A stopover in Bangkok permitted in each direction.

Fares are subject to change due to fluctuations in exchange rates. The promotion saves up to 30%.

Luggage is checked through to the final destination either Krabi or Phuket.

Although not as cheap as THAI’s latest offer, there are other options that have the advantage of nonstop services to the southern resorts

Thai Smile sells an inclusive one-way fare at THB3,980 on the Chiang Mai-Phuket route.

Bangkok Airways sells one-way fares at THB3,580 to Krabi (via Suvarnabhumi Airport) and THB4,850 to Phuket.

Thai AirAsia offers  one-way fares, ex-Chiang Mai, at THB2,943 to Phuket and THB3,980 to Krabi.

Also offering a nonstop service, Nok Air sells  one-way fares, ex-Chiang Mai ,at THB2,360 to Krabi.

A Nok Air service to Phuket has a fare of THB2,560, but requires a change of plane in  Don Mueang Airport.