Roll Royce bribe scandal hots up

BANGKOK, 21 February 2017: Thai Airways International’s labour union will urge Prime Minister, General Prayut Chan-o-cha, to ensure transparency and progress in the ongoing investigation into the bribery of former THAI executives by Rolls Royce UK.

The union president, Damrong Waiyakanee, confirmed Monday that the union will present a letter to the Prime Minister asking about the investigation as the union fears it will do more damage to the organisation if the investigation makes slow progress.

According to a Thailand National News Bureau report the labour union will also ask the PM to resolve an issue linked to aircraft that were supposed to be retired from service.

inside no 11However, NNT said that “whether the premier will exercise his power and use Section 44 of the interim constitution to speed up the matter, depends entirely on his discretion and how effective the investigation is at present”.

Local news reports claimed THAI aircraft were parked at the Navy-controlled airport at U-tapao, just south of Pattaya. They appeared to be have been mothballed, but the airline contradicted the claims in an email response to the media.

However, there still remain some 747-400s in service on some routes to  Japan and Sydney, Australia. A passenger contacted TTR Weekly, last week, to say he was disappointed that the aircraft to Sydney, had not been retired as it was fitted with the old business class semi-reclining seats rather than flat-bed seats.