Mirror has a go at Pattaya

BANGKOK, 22 February 2017: UK’s so called ‘gutter press’ aimed a pot shot at Pattaya, last week, calling it “The Sex Capital of the World and “Sin City,” while asking what ever happened to the Minister of Tourism’s promise to clean up the country’s sex tourism industry?

Quoted by ThaiVisa.com and Thai Rath, The Mirror claimed a Thai government minister had proclaimed last year that she would oversee the end of the sex trade in Thailand.

This was a clear reference to Minister of Tourism and Sports, Kobkarn Wattanvarankul who made the pronouncement last July, according to ThaiVisa.com.

inside no 3The Mirror claimed Pattaya was home to as many as 27,000 prostitutes, or one in five of the entire female population of the resort city.

But according to Thai Rath’s online edition Thais responded to the report with a shrug of the shoulders and a resounding ‘so what’ when asked for a response.

According to those who posted responses they “accepted that the image of the resort was hardly angelic,” but it was not the only place in Thailand where you could buy sex. Or for that matter not the only place in the world.

Commenting on the Thai Rath report, based on the Mirror story,  Niraphat Aey said this was hardly news: “Pattaya is not the only place – the sex industry is everywhere in Thailand north to south!”

Tan Pera said: “Everyone knows this! It is not just Pattaya. And it’s not just sex. Pattaya is a mafia town with crime of all sorts too!”

Others were just astounded that the UK Mirror had the nerve to point a finger at Pattaya when they have Chinatown (Soho) with its seedy sex shops, gay clubs and sex for sale right on their doorstep.

As for the Minister of Tourism’s so called pledge to end sex tourism in Thailand, she was probably referring to the child sex industry and the need to eliminate safe havens for convicted or known paedophiles in Thailand.

(Source: Thai Rath, ThaiVisa.com)


  1. why was there no response from Kobkarn Watanavarangkul, the minister for tourism and sports, who last July called for the dismantling of the sex industry in Thailand

  2. without sex tourism and zero dollar scams, thailand tourism really has little to offfer. let’s face it!

  3. No sex please, we’re Thai. – “There is no such thing as prostitution in Pattaya,” says Col Apichai Krobpetch. “Where did they get the figure of 27,000 sex workers in Pattaya?”

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