Dream holidays win over romance

LONDON, 14 February 2017: Romance is off the cards this Valentine’s Day, with a third (33%) of Brits claiming they would give up sex for a month if it meant going on a dream holiday.

A new survey from loveholidays revealed that 38% of women would happily swap a month of sex for their dream getaway, compared to just 28% of men.

Sheffield came out as the least romantic city, with half of people living there saying they would be willing to make the trade. This isn’t the case in the Welsh town of Aberystwyth where nobody is prepared to sacrifice sex.

Beach vacationSex isn’t the only thing off the agenda. Two fifths of Brits would give up personal grooming (shaving, skincare and makeup) in exchange for their dream holiday.

Women are less keen to sacrifice their beauty regimes, only 14% would compared to 23% of men.

People in Aberdeen are the least concerned about their appearance, more than a third said they’d sacrifice personal grooming in exchange for a dream holiday. In Wolverhampton, however, nobody is willing to shun their beauty regime.

Hygiene is off the cards too, with one in 10 Brits claiming they’d give up showering for a month in exchange for that bucket list trip. Only 6% of women said they would swap showering for the sun lounger, compared to 13% of men.

This is not surprising for a nation once described as  the “great unwashed.”

Behavioural psychologist Jo Hemmings commented on the survey findings: “We like having something special to plan and look forward to, and these events matter so much that we’re willing to relinquish everyday activities, like personal grooming, to swap them for something more interesting and exciting – a much-needed break from routine.”

“Studies have shown that we tend to experience more intense emotions about future events – like a holiday – than we do of past events. We get more excited and have higher expectations of things to come, as opposed to memories of the past.”

Alex Francis, CEO of loveholidays said: “It’s no surprise that people are dreaming of sun, sea and sand, especially during the winter months. What did shock us, however, is the extreme lengths people are willing to go to for a break!”