Cambodia seeks more Muslim travellers


PHNOM PENH, 2 February 2017: Thailand will support Cambodia efforts to introduce more Halal food production in the country that should help it attract more Muslim tourists.

Thailand has promised to support with seminars and other programmes that will help to put in place more Halal food restaurants and support Cambodia in its efforts to set up a Halal standard.

Agence Kampuchea Presse identified discussions between Minister and Deputy Chief of Mission of the Royal Thai Embassy in Cambodia, Darm Boontham, and Cambodia’ Commerce Minister Pan Sorasak, held on Monday.

inside no 4Thailand will organise a seminar, this April, ,to share experiences with Cambodia on the development of Halal products and how to market the country to Muslim travellers.

The Cambodia’s Ministry of Commerce has finalised a sub-decree and established a committee to examine Halal products, and create standard certificates for Halal to identify shops and restaurant serving Halai food.

It also requested Thailand to cooperate with the General Directorate of Trade Promotion to organise seminars and to create training programmes for Cambodian officials as well as study tripsto explore Halal development in Thailand.

Cambodian National Tourism Alliance general secretary, Ho Vandy, was quoted saying that having a recognised standard for halal products would diversify tourism.

“Cambodia should speed up the introduction of regulations for halal food as more Muslim tourists will visit Cambodia.”

“We have new hotels that can serve Muslims, but there are very few restaurants serving Halal food,” he added.

Cambodia  started to develop Halal products on a small scale in 2008.