Boatmen up in arms over park fees

KRABI, 23 February 2017: The unusual sight of local boat operators fighting for fair entrance fees at a Thai national park unfolded here in Krabi, Wednesday.

Boat operators are objecting to their foreign customers paying a THB400 national park entrance fee claiming Thailand’s national parks are fleecing tourists.

According to the Thai Rath report the national park chief in Krabi refused to yield despite boat operators threatening to boycott the park.

inside no 1Thailand’s double pricing at government owned tourist sites is notorious and in this case tourist are told to pay a whopping THB400 compared to a modest THB40 levied on Thai visitors.

Typically, the chief of the national parks in Krabi refused to bow to pressure claiming the fees were set by the ministry and could not be changed.

According to Thai Rath, speedboat operators are now threatening to blockade the park headquarters in Krabi town as well as park entrances to demand action. Police and soldiers have been put on alert in case of trouble.

PhuketFerry.Com reassured tourist planning a trip to Ao Nang and Railey beach in the national park “not to worry about the protests”.

It assured travellers the ferry and tours were operating to both Ao Nang and Railey Beach.

“This protest wont’s last long and hopefully it will be back to normal within a day or so,” the company assured visitors.

“Our advice is give yourself some extra hours on your travelling day. There might be  bad traffic along the route that could cause you some delays but It’s not end of the world.”

The official prices for entrance to the park are set at THB400 for an adult foreigner and THB200 for a foreign child. In contrast a Thai adult pays THB40 and a child THB 20.

Comments from ThaiVisa.Com readers ranged from ‘vote with your feet’ if you don’t appreciate dual pricing, to the entrance fee would be fine if the national parks improved the quality of the experience.

(Source: Thai Rath and ThaiVisa.Com)


  1. This really is a slap on the minister’s face. Clearly those numbers she bragged about have no meaning to the boat operators’ business or life.

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