Top for being on time

BANGKOK, 13 January 2017: If you like airlines that fly on time then your best bet, worldwide, is Hawaiian Airlines, or in Asia choose from Japan Airlines or Singapore Airlines.

Details of the Punctuality  League 2016 winners were announced by OAG  last week.

Including year-end data, Hawaiian Airlines took the top spot by achieving an average on-time performance of 89.87% for 2016.

inside no 8It represented a massive improvement on 2015 when the airline reached 9th place.

In Asia, Japan Airlines was the highest ranked in 5th place with average on-time performance of 86.74%.

Singapore Airlines in 10th place had a performance rating of 85.19%.

Qantas was the top airline in the Asia Pacific region placed 4th in the global OAG ranking with an average on-time performance of 87.56%.

OAG identifies the top 20 airlines in its full report available online.

Among airports, another new winner has emerged with Birmingham Airport in the UK, classified in the Punctuality League as a medium-sized airport, coming in at first place. The airport achieved an impressive on-time performance of 91.28% through 2016.

Not far behind, another UK airport emerged, Newcastle Airport, with the second best on-time performance of any airport worldwide, 90.94%. Newcastle Airport is in the small airport category.

Ranked third among airports, Surabaya in Indonesia is classified as a large airport. In addition to achieving the third best on-time performance globally, the airport has the best on-time performance of any large airport with 90.30% of flights on time.

For the third year in a row, Tokyo Haneda holds on to top place in OAG’s major airports category, with 87.49% of flights on time.