Thailand passes 30 million marker

BANGKOK, 25 January 2017: Ministry of Tourism and Sports reports international visits to Thailand exceeded 32.58 million, an improvement of 8.91% during January to December 2016.

Released last week, the ministry’s data showed the country attracted 32,588,303 international visits, last year, compared to 29,923,185  in 2015.

The data is based on foreign passport,and ID holders, passing through international checkpoints (land, sea and air). ID holders travel from neighbouring Malaysia, Laos, Cambodia and Myanmar on border passes that are valid for a day, 24-hours or seven days depending on regulations that vary for each border checkpoint.

inside no 2Tourism and Sports Minister, Kobkarn Wattanavrangkul, said overall tourism revenue reached THB2.51 trillion, last year, increasing 10.93% and exceeding the target of THB2.4 trillion.

Of that, THB1.64 trillion came from international markets and THB870 billion from the domestic market.

ASEAN is a strong market that delivered 8,658,051 tourists to the kingdom, last year, increasing 9.31% from 7,920,481 visits in 2015.

More airline services connecting major cities to secondary destinations in Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar and Laos are now a priority the minister said.

Thailand intends to focus on specific tourism segments such as sports tourism, health and wellness, weddings and romance, marine and rail to boost tourism.

The ministry projects Thailand’s tourism-related revenue in 2017 will reach THB2.71 trillion. Of that, THB1.78 trillion will come from foreign visitors and THB930 billion from domestic travellers.

December performance

In December alone, foreign travellers recorded 3,057,800 visits increasing 1.11% from 3,024,291 visits during the same month in 2015.

By regions, all markets recorded increases in the 12th month of the 2016 year except East Asia.

The Americas recorded the highest growth of 16.88% from 144,527 to 168,917 visits.

The United States recorded the highest arrivals at 114,794 up 12.59% from 101,961 followed by Canada (27,500; +7.44%), Brazil (13,566; +109.42%) and Argentina (5,527; +39.50%).

The Middle East posted an increase of 13.23% from 55,136 to 62,432 visits.

Israel showed the highest arrivals with 16,316 visits increasing 14.19% from 14,288 visits.

Other main markets in the Middle East: the United Arab Emirates (13,764; +19.78%); Kuwait (3,993; +13.50%); Egypt (2,056; -6.33%) and Saudi Arabia (1,677; +33.52%).

South Asia represented an increase of 10.77% from 133,756 to 148,159 visits. India led the field supplying 113,696 visits growing 13.67% from 100,026 followed by Bangladesh (10,597; -7.26%), Pakistan (7,638; +19.96%), Sri Lanka (6,522; -13.60%) and Nepal (3,995; +34.15%).

Africa showed an improvement of 9.91% from 22,811 to 25,071 visits. The main market South Africa increased 10.53% from 14,199 to 15,694.

Europe increased 7.75% from 721,972 to 777,957 visits. The markets that showed improvements were: Russia (+26.24%); East Europe (+22.08%); Spain (+12.41%); France (+11.45%); Austria (+6.76%); Italy (+6.71%); Belgium (+6.42%); Germany (+4.23%); and the United Kingdom (+1.16%).

The markets that showed declines were: Norway (-13.87%); Denmark (-6.12%); Sweden (-5.70%); the Netherlands (-4.90%); Switzerland (-1.23%); and Finland (-1.08%).

Oceania reported a slight increase of 0.78% from 84,727 to 85,385 visits. The main markets Australia and New Zealand showed improvement of 0.83% (74,363) and 0.34% (10,751) respectively.

In contrast, East Asia (ASEAN included) decreased 3.84% from 1,861,362 to 1,789,879 visits.

The markets showed declines were: China (-16.04%); South Korea (-5.19%); Brunei (-3.94%); Taiwan (-2.91%); Vietnam (-1.94%); and Laos (-0.48%).

Markets that showed improvements were: Indonesia (+20.89%); Cambodia (+19.41%); the Philippines (+18.03%); Hong Kong (+11.40%); Vietnam (+7.81%); Myanmar (+5.95%); Japan (+2.99%); and Malaysia (+0.85%). inside-no-2.1


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  1. 10 million of the said 30 million are so called zero dollar tourists and they won’t come anymore.

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