Survey monitors Chinese New Year travel

BEIJING, 27 January 2017: China’s tourism market will generate 343 million trips during the up-coming Chinese New Year holiday that starts today and concludes 2 February.

China National Tourism Administration made the assessment reported by China Internet Watch, a news travel monitoring online business in China.

Chinese New Year trips represent a 13.6% growth year-on-year.

inside no 8China’s domestic travel market reached 4.44 billion trips in 2016, an increase of 11% year-on-year.

Hainan and the northeast regions were the most popular domestic travel destinations. Japan and South Korea the most popular outbound destinations during the national holiday 2016.

CIN reported that CNTA conducted a “Chinese residents travel intentions” survey across 60 sample cities. It showed 82% intended to travel in the first quarter of 2017 and close to half choose to travel during the Chinese New Year holiday.

Northern residents prefer to go south to enjoy the warmth in cities like Sanya and Xiamen, while the southerners would like to go north to enjoy the beauty of the snow season in cities such as Harbin.

Air quality and natural environment are the top factors affecting decisions on travel destinations.

Outbound tourism during the holiday will generate 6 million trips. From  travel booking information, the popular destinations include United States, UK, and Spain for long-haul trips; Australia, New Zealand, Thailand, and Vietnam for short- and mid-haul destinations.

Last year, about 76% young users bought free-and-easy tours. Around 25 % of young users will determine their destinations by considering costs.

Survey results of show that 69.72% users will spend less than 5,000 yuan (USD784.9) on outbound travel during the holiday, and only 6.77% are willing to spend over 8,000 yuan (USD1,255.9).

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