Lion links north and south Thailand

CHIANG MAI, 31 January 2017: Thai Lion Air is promoting an introductory fare on its newest route linking Chiang Mai and Hat Yai that is due to start 16 February.

It will serve the route with two daily flights linking the southern commercial town close to the Malaysian border with the northern capital, which is a popular tourist destination.

The introductory fare is set at THB925 one-way. Fare includes all charges, free baggage allowance 15 kg, sport equipment allowance 15 kg and seat selection.

inside no 1At THB925, Thai Lion Air is offering a bargain for travellers.

However, low-cost airlines are notorious for flagging a deal on a new service, while failing to explain how many seats are allocated to the promotion.

It’s time consuming, ends in disappointment and presents a very negative perception that could drive customers to other airlines that are more straightforward about their ‘deals.’

Airlines should state how many seats are available at the stated fare at the beginning of the campaign and if they allocate a specific number of seats to the fare daily then the status of how many seats are available for any given day should also be clearly stated and updated in real-time.

In comparison, Thai AirAsia best offer an inclusive one-way fare on the same route costs THB1,290. The airline also operates two daily flights.inside-no-11