Higher Angkor fees will deter visits

SIEM REAP, 27 January 2017: Cambodia National Tourism Alliance says the new entrance fees at Angkor Historical Park that will be effective 1 February may trigger a drop in visitors.

Khmer Times quoted the agency general secretary, Ho Vandy, saying Angkor Wat and the surrounding temples will see a slowdown in foreign tourists once ticket prices increase.

“We have predicted that the number of foreign tourists visiting Angkor park will decrease because the cost of the entrance pass is too high.”

inside no 3He added: “However, we have to wait and see after the first three months to see if higher prices are accepted.”

Currently, the entrance fee to the Angkor Historical Park costs USD20 a day (foreigners only), USD40 for a three-day visit and USD60 for a week-long visit.

Starting next Wednesday, the new fees are: one-day pass USD37, three-day pass USD62, and seven-day pass USD72.

The number of foreign visitors to the World Heritage site rose 4.63% to 2.19 million last year. The top source markets were China, South Korea and the United States.

Revenue from ticket sales to foreigners visiting the park reached a record USD62.5 million in 2016, representing a solid increase of 4.21% over 2015.


  1. What good news! Fewer people paying more money: a win-win result. Let’s hope it does cut the visitor numbers significantly, for the good of the experience that we get, whilst maintaining the revenue at the same level for the good of the country.

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