Halong Bay bans Polystyrene

HANOI, 26 January 2017: Halong Bay Peoples Committee has banned the use of polystyrene and is calling for the implementation of an environmentally friendly alternative for use at the popular tourist destination.

The move follows last year’s ‘Big Clean-up’, carried out by Bhaya Cruises in collaboration with the Ha Long – Cat Ba Alliance that attempted to identify the extent of damage inflicted on Halong Bay from pollution.

HG Holdings’ Darius Postma delivered a presentation on behalf of the alliance to the leadership committee on the devastating impact of Polystyrene, an EPA classed cacogenic categorised as one of the top five dirtiest production processes.

The team weighed 664 kilogrammes of collected garbage after the last clean-up.

The efforts of the alliance to bring change about at one of Vietnam’s top tourist destination cannot be understated, Darius Postma explained.

“Close to 50% of the garbage removed during our clean-up was polystyrene, and studies have shown this material to be devastating to local sea life and fauna.”

With the banning of polystyrene, the Ha Long – Cat Ba Alliance believes that the future of Halong Bay will be brighter as wildlife will once again begin to prosper. Also they believe the destination will become increasingly attractive to tourists as the breathtaking beauty of the destination is secured for the foreseeable future.

In addition to the ban on Polystyrene, Bhaya Group has continues its clean-up efforts. Earlier this month, in collaboration with the IUCN (International Union for Conservation of Nature), Coca Cola, MCD and Greenhub, the second bi-annual ‘Clean-up operation’ was launched with over 100 volunteers.

At the end of the operation, 244 bags of garbage were collected estimated weighing 664 kg. The team managed to clear a 1.1 km stretch of coastline.

Bhaya Cruises, in collaboration with the IUCN, as part of the Ha Long – Cat Ba Alliance campaign, will conduct another clean-up event later this year.

“We are incredibly proud of the initiatives we have helped to put in place,” said Bhaya cruises managing director, Lý Thụy Huỳnh Như. “It is our hope that the steps we continue to make will help Halong Bay to remain a beautiful destination for years to come.”

Bhaya Cruises collected roughly 3,000 kg of garbage in 2016 through their on-board teams and was recognised by the Marine Centre for Conservation and Community Development (MCD) for “promoting conservation, environmental protection and education initiatives in Halong Bay”.


  1. Bhaya Cruises teams are to be congratulated for their wonderful efforts in focusing on the issue of pollution in Ha Long bay & collecting so much garbage. Our company takes many New Zealand Tour Groups through Vietnam & Ha Long Bay is obviously a ‘must see’. Over the years it has been very apparent that the recognition of the necessity of clearing the water & coastline areas of rubbish has become of such importance both from a conservation angle as well as from the tourist’s perspective.
    Well done Bhaya team!! Lee Amor

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