Angkor a bargain for Singaporeans

SINGAPORE, 5 January 2017: Visiting Angkor Wat tops the best value experience of a lifetime list for Singaporean travellers, according to the inaugural TripIndex Experiences of a Lifetime, a cost comparison study by travel planning and booking site, TripAdvisor.

While exploring Angkor Wat comes out as the cheapest of all the top experiences of a lifetime for Singaporeans, the study also revealed that travellers who plan ahead can save up to 83% on tours and hotels making the pricier experiences of a lifetime much more affordable.

Conducted in partnership with independent research firm Kantar TNS, the study outlines the cost per day for two people to take a trip to experience 10 of the world’s most popular once-in-a-lifetime experiences, taking into account the cost of a return flight, return airport transfer, a stay in a four-star hotel, dinner and a day tour of the experience of a lifetime.

inside no 6.1The study found that the average price for an experience of a lifetime trip for two across 10 of the most popular choices, is SGD6,381, with flight prices impacting the total cost significantly from destination to destination.

Visiting Angkor Wat in Cambodia which is closest to home, has the lowest cost associated with a trip at SGD1,451 for two persons, per day, inclusive of flights, airport transfers and tours.

Visiting the Galapagos Islands came out as most expensive for Singaporean residents at a whopping SGD23,548 for two.

“Most of us have at least a few of these experiences that we want to check off our list of things we would like to see and do in our lifetime,” said Janice Lee Fang, TripAdvisor’s communications director for Asia Pacific.

“The TripAdvisor Experiences of a Lifetime study shows it is possible to live your dream when you book highly-rated hotels and tours on TripAdvisor, with the overall cost of the trip reducing dramatically by up to 83% of the destination average price.”

“Travellers interested in recreating similar experiences with less can also look to TripAdvisor for the wisdom of millions when discovering new destinations and activities within Southeast Asia that are highly-recommended and much closer to home,” she said.

inside no 6Key results for Singaporean travellers

A walk on the Great Wall of China was the second cheapest offer at SGD2,252 for two persons, per day, all expenses covered.

India’s Taj Mahal was  the third cheapest experience, but the destination is most expensive when it comes to airport transfers and tours.

Cairns was the fourth cheapest destination to fly to, but it was second most expensive place for a dinner.

When flight prices are excluded, the most affordable experiences of a lifetime are visiting Angkor Wat (SGD380), going on a safari in South Africa (SGD508) and visiting the Galapagos Islands (SGD651). In contrast, admiring the sunset in Santorini (SGD1,086), seeing the Northern Lights (SGD1,130) and trekking the Inca Trail to Machu Picchu (SGD1,616) are most expensive.

TripIndex Experiences of a Lifetime at a glance

Ranked from the least to the most expensive (green and orange indicate least and most expensive destinations for each item respectively):   inside-no-61Make savings when booking an experience of a lifetime trip

Planning on booking an experience of a lifetime trip? These highly rated hotels and tours on TripAdvisor are bookable for up to 83% less than the average TripIndex Experiences of a Lifetime price.inside-no-62