Diethelm focuses on families

LONDON, 9 November 2016: Diethelm Travel Group launched new travel products at World Travel Market (WTM) London, Tuesday, geared to families and offering more local experiences.

The new products are geared for family travel and deliver cultural experiences, as well as add-on services to customise client itineraries.

Diethelm Travel has sourced hotels that are family friendly and trained its guides to curate stress-free itineraries designed specifically for families with young children.

inside no 7Some of the activities to capture a child’s attention include tuition in pottery making with Yandabo villagers in Myanmar, a shadow puppetry lesson in Malaysia or ecoconut carving with a NGO in a Cambodian village.

In addition Diethelm is promoting its collection of “Go Local” products at the WTM this week. They help travellers to connect with the culture and communities they are visiting.

Again the trips focus on learning traditional crafts, embarking on hikes, sharing a homemade meal with a local family and partaking in a private monk blessing ceremony.

The company claims to offers 80 destination-specific “moments” ranging from welcome gifts to exclusive outings across the 12 different countries Diethelm operates in.

“With nearly 60 years of facilitating travel within Asia, we know the region and have built a portfolio of products and services that allow travellers to really dive deep into the destination they’re exploring,” said Diethelm Travel Lisa Fitzell.