Chinese guides invade Bali

BALI, 24 August 2016: Indonesian Tour and Travel Association (ASITA) is urging the Provincial Administration of Bali to form a special task force to crack down on Chinese national working as illegal tour guides on the island.

According to a report, quoted by Bali Discovery Tours, ASITA complained that many Chinese nationals were working as unlicensed tour guides in Bali.

ASITA’s spokesperson, Chandra Salim, commented: “We are urging the Provincial Government of Bali to form a special task force to monitor Chinese foreigners, who pose as tourists, but are really working as tour agents, or selling cheap travel options, online to Chinese visitors.”

inside no 5Salim said that if this situation was left unchecked Bali’s tourism image and reputation would be damaged.

The practice robs local travel firms and guides of income as the Chinese entrepreneurs conduct their business online with payments made by credit cards. Apart from payments to hotels, very little revenue filters through to the island’s travel industry.

“(Our) tourism image will be damaged by the actions of these foreigners and their online networks selling non-sustainable travel packages at price levels that make no sense.”

“They sell packages that focus on shopping at art  galleries and limit visits to shops that offer increased commission levels.”

“When Chinese travellers return to their homeland, they complain about their travel experience in Bali,” explained Salim.

ASITA communications have failed to gain a response from the Provincial Government of Bali.

(Source: Bali Discovery Tours)