ASEAN Hall of Fame takes shape


PUTRA JAYA, MALAYSIA, 31 August 2016: ASEAN Tourism Association has opened a website to pay tribute to hundreds of industry veterans and stalwarts who laid the foundations of ASEAN’s tourism.

Tributes will focus on former ministers, hoteliers, tour operators, both expatriates and citizens of the 10 nation ASEAN bloc, who played critical roles in building travel and tourism.

The “ASEAN Travel & Tourism Hall of Fame,” project will be one of the official projects to mark the 50th anniversary of the founding of ASEAN.

inside no 9Spearheaded by the ASEAN Tourism Association, the region’s private sector industry voice, the Hall of Fame website will be launched 16 to 20 January, 2017, during the ASEAN Tourism Forum to be hosted in Singapore.

2017 will mark the 50th anniversary of the founding of ASEAN (8 August 1967) with celebrations held throughout the year

ASEANTA president, Aileen Clemente, who is also the Philippine Travel Agencies Association representative to ASEANTA, commented on the Hall of Fame: “The marketing campaigns celebrating ASEAN’s 50th anniversary will drive future growth, but it is also a good opportunity for us to honour our past and recognise the founding stalwarts who made this growth possible.”

The editorial research and compilation of content for the website will be executed jointly by Travel Impact Newswire executive editor, Imtiaz Muqbil and ASEANTA.

The final decision on who will be honoured in the Hall of Fame will be made by ASEANTA.

The website will be funded through various categories of sponsorship, with the supporting institutions, corporations and individuals being listed and credited on the website.


  1. Your story contains the word “website” five times, but you don’t include the URL, so how are we supposed to find this page that you took the trouble to write about? Duh!

    • Point taken, but I believe in this instance the website is under development and will not be launched until January 2017. However, as the editor of Travel Impact Newswire, Imtiaz Muqbil is editing and compiling content, commissioned by ASEANTA, then the following links might be good starting points.

      Travel Impact Newswire

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