TripAdvisor adds timeline

SINGAPORE, 1 December 2015: TripAdvisor launched a “Travel Timeline” feature for its mobile app, last week, that helps travellers  log and share experiences from their trips.

Once activated, the feature creates a timeline of the places visited and the photos taken at each location, which can be viewed in chronological order, or as a route on a map. The timeline is private to the user on their TripAdvisor app, but travellers can edit their timeline and share it with family and friends.

inside no 7“Travel Timeline is a useful tool for chronicling travel experiences and capturing moments to remember,” said TripAdvisor senior vice president, global product, Adam Medros.

To activate Travel Timeline, users log on to the TripAdvisor mobile app and opt-in to the feature. Once the feature is activated, it will keep a log of the points of interest that the user has visited in a running timeline and travellers can easily rate and review hotels, restaurants, or attractions they visited.

The feature uses a phone’s GPS and motion sensors to predict when the user is visiting somewhere, or if they are just passing by. Users may turn Travel Timeline off at any time.

Travel Timeline will be available through the free TripAdvisor mobile app only on iOS in 28 languages worldwide.