Beach flights win concessions

SIHANOUKVILLE, 9 December 2015: Cambodia Airports will provide monetary incentives next year to airlines that bring in foreign visitors to Sihanoukville in an effort to increase tourist arrivals and promote its beach destinations.

Phnom Penh Post quoted Cambodia Airports marketing and sales director, Patrine Tay, saying airlines will be given USD10 per international departing passenger, up to a maximum of USD1,000 per flight, as an incentive to direct tourists to Sihanoukville.

The scheme, due to start next year, will apply to all passengers departing Sihanoukville on international flights.

inside no 3The incentive will only apply to scheduled international flights departing Sihanoukville.

“Promoting tourism in the coastal city was a multi-stakeholder responsibility, and this is one way to help reduce an airline’s costs,” the director said.

Three airlines currently operate international flights to Sihanoukville.

Cambodia Angkor Air, the Kingdom’s flagship carrier, operates a weekly flight from the coastal city to Tianjin, while Korean-Cambodian airline, Sky Angkor Air, has a twice-weekly charter flight to Hangzhou and Chinese carrier Lucky Air launched a twice-weekly scheduled service from Kunming last week.

Cambodia Airports is a private company that manages the country’s three international airports–Phnom Penh, Siem Reap and Sihanoukville.

Sihanoukville International Airport handled just 43,400 passengers in 2014, a 120% increase from 2013 according to Cambodia Airports data.

Sihanoukville is a province in the southwest of Cambodia on the Gulf of Thailand.

The provincial capital, also called Sihanoukville, is a deep-water port and the most popular beach destination. There is a coastal road that runs from Thailand in Trat province to Sihanoukville province, although very few travellers use this route. The preferred route involves a flight to Phnom Penh to connect with a bus service to the Cambodian beach resort, that takes around four hours.