Cambodia on green tourism

PHNOM PENH, 1 October 2015: Cambodia’s Ministry of Tourism says it will focus on so-called green tourism to support the country’s objective to establish sustainability.

Agence Kampuchea Presse quoted Tourism Minister, Thong Khon, saying the kingdom was looking at ‘green tourism’ as the next level of improvement in Cambodia to achieve sustainability and national accountability.

“To achieve the goal, all relevant sectors should pull together to implement the country’s green concept.”

Deputy Prime Minister Sok An added that green tourism does not only mean that the country is covered with green trees and plants. It also looks into tourism businesses operating with as a lower threat on the environment.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERABut green tourism is an easy topic to talk about and a very difficult one to implement if all its considerations are embraced.

For example, Southeast Asian countries produce tons of plastic water bottle that contain BPA a substance that harms health, while the water sold is often not as pure as tap water.

Is there a hotel or tour operator in Cambodia offering an alternative to plastic bottled water?

The spa and wellness industry uses so-called herbal treatment lotions and gels that are laced with chemicals that have been shown to cause cancer. A check of spas across ASEAN would show that most of the products used are made using chemicals that linked to long-term health risks.

Even the definition of “organic food” touted by green resorts is ambiguous and as the photo in this reports illustrates elephants rides remain a popular tour option but they are no longer considered a green activity.

Last year, Cambodia attracted 4.5 million international tourist arrivals increasing 7.0% from 4.2 million in 2013.


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    Is there a hotel or tour operator in Cambodia offering an alternative to plastic bottled water?`

    yes we are proud to inform you that EXO Travel as part of its commitment to sustainability already awarded as first country to be Travelife certified in Cambodia is currently offering its clients to accept refillable water bottles instead of plastic ones during adventure tours and is now partnering with hotels such as Shinta Mani, Amanasara, in order to extend this to regular tours as well. Some of our clients were approached and approved this measure.

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