Emirates cuts fares


BANGKOK, 1 September 2015: Emirates is discounting fares for travel to selected destinations until December this year, but bookings must be made by 18 September for most of the destinations.

The promotion sells a roundtrip fare, exclusive of taxes and surcharges, ex-Bangkok, to Hong Kong, starting at THB5,045 in economy and THB12,595 in business.

Fares in economy to North and South America are: THB14,550 Chicago and Seattle; THB17,655 New York; THB19,595 Dallas, Los Angeles and San Francisco; THB23,280 Houston; THB25,415 Washington; THB26,870 Orlando; THB27,160 Boston; THB29,685 Austin and THB59,365 Buenos Aires and Sao Paulo.

Business fares: THB106,700 Los Angeles and San Francisco; THB111,745 Boston; and THB164,900 Sao Paulo.

inside no 3Economy fares to Europe: THB13,485 Amsterdam; THB13,580 Moscow; THB13,775 Copenhagen; THB14,215 Oslo and Zurich; THB14,550 Brussels; THB14,745 Milan, Rome and Vienna ; THB16,155 Athens and Istanbul; THB16,490 St Petersburg; THB17,125 Budapest; THB18,770 Geneva; THB20,520 Prague; THB21,535 Dublin; THB21,975 Warsaw; THB22,460 Bergen; THB25,855 Venice; THB26,825 Lisbon; THB27,160 Glasgow; THB29,295 Larnaca; and THB32,010 Malta.

UK: THB9,700 London; THB13,580 Manchester; and THB27,160 Birmingham and Newcastle.

Spain: THB14,745 Madrid; THB15,035 Bologna; and THB23,135 Barcelona.

France: THB15,520 Paris; THB20,035 Lyon; and THB29,440 Nice.

Germany: THB15,520 Frankfurt and Munich; and THB21,825 Hamburg.

Business fares to Europe: THB58,200 Amsterdam; THB62,080 Moscow; THB74,205 Frankfurt; THB76,145 London and Manchester; THB76,630 Istanbul; THB78,570 Zurich; THB80,755 Munich; THB85,360 Paris; THB87,300 Athens, Milan, Copenhagen, Oslo, Rome and Stockholm; THB92,150 Brussels; THB102,095 Bergen; and THB116,400 Lisbon.

Economy fares to Middle East: THB8,905 Dubai; THB10,185 Muscat; THB10,670 Bahrain; THB15,715 Doha; THB16,975 Kuwait; THB22,505 Amman and Cairo; and THB25,415 Jeddah.

Business fares to Middle East: THB25,805 Dubai; THB29,100 Muscat; THB29,585 Kuwait; and THB33,465 Bahrain.

Economy fares to Africa: THB19,595 Abuja and Lagos; THB22,505 Nairobi; THB23,765 Johannesburg; THB24,250 Addis Ababa; THB25,415 Casablanca; THB28,100 Dar Es Salaam; THB29,100 Cape Town; THB33,950 Dakar; and THB36,860 Accra.

A THB91,180 fare sells to Johannesburg in business class.

Booking must be made by 18 September to travel until 13 December this year.

To Asia and Pacific destinations, the airline also sells exclusive roundtrip fares starting at THB10,185 to Adelaide, Brisbane, Melbourne, and Sydney in economy class.

A THB15,520 fare is available to Auckland, Queenstown and Wellington and THB29,100 to Christchurch.

Bookings are open until 30 September to travel up to 31 July next year.

Fares save up to 40%.