Singaporeans are travel junkies

SINGAPORE, 28 August 2015: Visa’s latest Global Travel Intentions Study 2015 shows travellers from Singapore take more leisure holidays than their global peers, and travel more with their families.

The study showed that 95% of Singaporeans have travelled abroad for leisure in the past two years, higher than the Asia Pacific (84%) and global averages (76%), according to the study.

Singapore travellers also cite leisure as their main purpose of travel for their most recent trips (85%) compared to their counterparts in Asia Pacific (76%) and globally (69%).

In the next two years, Singaporeans intend to take more leisure trips (four trips) than both their Asia Pacific (three trips) and global (two trips) counterparts.

inside no 8Affluent Singaporeans, however, plan to take six leisure trips and eight business trips in the next two years.

The top intended travel locations for leisure travel by Singapore travellers in the coming year are Japan (12%), Australia (11%) and Korea (8%).

“Singaporeans love to travel, with frequent travel for leisure becoming part of our culture. On top of that, Singapore is centrally located and is also a global aviation hub, making it easy for us to travel to all parts of the world,” said Visa country manager for Singapore and Brunei, Ooi Huey Tyng.

“Based on VisaNet data, travel makes up close to 20% of total spend by Visa cardholders and the year-on-year growth for travel spend is close to 10% per.”

According to the study, the top three destinations for Singaporeans  over the last two years were Malaysia (45%), Hong Kong (39%) and Thailand (33%).

In the affluent traveller category, Hong Kong (60%) was the top travel destination, followed by Australia (57%) and Japan (51%).

First time travellers chose Malaysia (41%), Hong Kong (33%) and Australia (30%) for their travel destinations.

The Visa Global Travel Intentions Study 2015 was commissioned by Visa and conducted with 13,603 travellers, age 18 years and above across 25 countries and markets in January and February 2015.

Three in four Singaporeans prefer to travel free and easy/independent compared to travellers from other regions (58% in APAC; 60% globally).

They also frequent online sources such as Trip Advisor and more than travellers from other regions. The median travel spend for Singaporeans is USD1,634, significantly lower than the global median of USD2,281. Whilst Singaporean travellers intend to spend more in future, their projected travel spend (USD2,501) for the next trip is still lower than other travellers in the region (USD3,501).