Songkhran deaths up 11%

BANGKOK, 17 April 2015: Thailand’s road carnage associated with the seven deadly days of Songkhran, 9 to 15 April, reached 364 fatalities exceeding the 2014 toll by 11.66%, or 38 deaths.

The Road Safety Directing Centre reported 364 road fatalities over the seven days, up from 326 during the festival last year.

It averaged at 52 deaths a day over the seven-day festival, a statistic that resembles war zone casualties.

Injuries from road accidents also increased 10.36% to 3,559 compared to 3,225 in 2014. Road accidents (incidents rather than injuries) increased 12.73% to 3,373 compared to 2,992 during the same period last year.

inside no 1 Surin gained notoriety as the province with the worst record with 16 fatalities following by Roi Et (14) and Chiang Mai and Nakhon Ratchasima (13 each).

Surin also was the top hot spot for road injuries (152) ahead of Phitsanulok (149) and Surat Thani (130).

Phitsanulok had the most road accidents at 141 followed by Surin (120) and Chiang Mai (119).

The centre also identified there were five provinces that were free of fatal accidents during the holiday. There were: Phuket, Mae Hong Son, Yala, Samut Songkhram and Samut Sakhon.

Alcohol consumption was blamed for 39.31% of accidents followed by dangerous driving 24.35%.

Motorcycles were involved in most accidents and the resulting serious injuries were linked to the majority of riders not wearing helmets.

While the media focuses on festival-related accidents, road safety year-round is a major challenge that should be resolved by year-round efforts. The daily death average on Thai roads is 19, which is one of the worst records, worldwide, making road travel in Thailand dangerous whatever the form of transport.

Official statistics show that in the 2014 fiscal year (October 2013 to September 2014), road accidents killed 6,985 people in Thailand, down 19.07% from 8,631 during the 2013 fiscal year. On average, the 2014 daily death toll at 19, was significantly lower than the daily toll of 52 during the seven days of Songkhran.

Seven deadly days: 9 to 15 April 2015inside-no-1.1


  1. Thai authority didn’t disclose the cost of budget that they used for reducing Songkran accident campaign. We are quite sure that the campaign cost must be increased year by year and once the output of accident like this, it’s proved that the campaign failed. No need to do it and let it go naturally, it’s wasteful.

  2. I love this country, its people & wish they should get away from this evil yearly festivity & go back to what Sonkhran is all about! Visit your family elders & pay respect to them by giving them a shower & new clothes for the new coming year.

    Then to splash each other with water was always made in the temple grounds & if this is upheld the people that goes there are aware of what can happen if they go there. What has happened to the Buddhist respect for life when people are standing on the streets throwing ice buckets in the face of Mc drivers.

    Please get back to what Songkhran is all about, respect for each other, each others possessions & lives.

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