ATTA rolls out training modules

BANGKOK, 3 August 2017: Association of Thai Travel Agents will organise 12 training programmes for the remaining months of this year as a part of its policy to build skills for member travel agencies.

ATTA’s recently elected committee is now moving ahead on its promised policy to improve HR capital through digital marketing training courses.

The association says it will organise 12 training programmes August through to December; four events per months all open to members. Read more

Hotels raise training cash

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PHUKET, 19 May 2017: More than 300 members, sponsors and friends of the Phuket Hotels Association, a non-profit organisation of hoteliers, raised THB4 million to fund 20 tourism scholarships and traineeships that will be awarded to local island residents.

The event was held last weekend when guests made donations to a scholarship fund by purchasing tickets for the charity event, which also featured a live and silent auction with a line-up of prizes that included everything from luxury hotel stays in Bangkok, Hollywood, London, Sydney, Maldives to gourmet dining experiences and a week-long cruise aboard a 77-foot private yacht. Read more

HCMC needs more tourism workers

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HO CHI MINH CITY, 19 May 2017: Vietnam’s National Administration of Tourism says Ho Chi Minh City’s tourism sector needs roughly 40,000 new workers each year.

Local media reported that according to the administration only 37% of requirement was met, last year, with 15,000 workers joining the sector and merely 12% of them educated to college level.

A college degree in tourism, however, does not guarantee that a worker can do the job according to education experts. Read more

Cambodia opens air school

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PHNOM PENH, 28 March 2017: Cambodia’s first Civil Aviation Training Centre was officially inaugurated, last week, as it prepares to receive its first batch of 274 trainees.

Khmer Times quoted the State Secretariat of Civil Aviation’s secretary of state, Mao Havannall, saying the centre, funded by South Korea, will train personnel for the aviation sector and transfer knowledge and experience to aviation officials.

The centre specifically provides advanced job training programmes in 14 courses. Read more

Vietnam must improve tourism skills

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HO CHI MINH CITY, 30 December 2016: Vietnam tourism authorities say the country’s tourism industry needs to urgently improve training and educational facilities for the hospitality and travel sectors.

Local media quoted Vietnam Tourism Association vice chairman, Vu The Binh, saying the country has enough tourism schools, but the training quality is low, and schools are not turning out well-trained workers.

“The demand for tourism and hospitality workers will rise 20% in the next five years… more enterprises have entered the tourism market and hundreds of new hotels will open… tourism schools should be restructured so that they can provide the market with better trained people.” Read more

Cambodia rethinks training

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PHNOM PENH, 14 November 2016: Cambodia’s Ministry of Tourism and the Ministry of Education agreed, last week, to set up a joint committee to work on content for vocational training under the “ASEAN Tourism Professionals” initiative to be integrated into the high-school curriculum.

Phnom Penh Post quoted the tourism ministry’s deputy general director, Try Chhiv, saying the agreement was made first week of November to improve human resources in the tourism sector.

The timeframe for content to be included in the curriculum has yet to be determined, he said. Read more

Cambodia running short of tourism staff

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PHNOM PENH, 28 October 2016: The Ministry of Tourism says Cambodia would need an additional 200,000 trained tourism professionals to serve a tourism industry that is set to attract a record 7 million international tourists by 2020.

Phnom Penh Post quoted the ministry deputy general director, Try Chhiv, saying in order to to the demands of 7 million tourists, the sector needs to urgently train more staff.

Currently, there are 620,000 Cambodians working in the tourism sector. Read more

Cambodia opens aviation training school

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PHNOM PENH, 17 October 2016: Cambodia opened the Cambodia Civil Aviation Training Centre (CATC), last week, its first ever training centre focused on aviation skills apart from pilot training.

Phnom Penh Post reported the training centre, located at the Phnom Penh International Airport, cost USD10.1 million, funded and supervised by South Korea’s International Cooperation Agency (KOICA).

KOICA’s Cambodia office handed over the aviation training centre to the Cambodia government on mid last week. Read more

China eyes pilot school in Cambodia

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PHNOM PENH, 16 September 2016: Spring Airlines, a Chinese budget airline, is holding talks with the Cambodia government to open a commercial pilot training school in the country.

Khmer Times quoted the State Secretariat of Civil Aviation spokesman, Sinn Chanserey Vutha, saying the proposal was  discussed recently between Prime Minister Hun Sen and Spring Airlines’ president Wang Zhenghua in Nanning, China on the sidelines of the 13th ASEAN-China Expo last week.

“It was just a proposal and in reality we don’t know what will happen as many companies have said they want to open a pilot training school in Cambodia, usually followed by a long silence.” Read more

Vietnam faces HR shortage

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HANOI, 23 August 2016: Vietnam tourism industry will need around 870,000 new workers by 2020 to keep up with anticipated growth.

Vietnam Net Bridge media claimed tourism’s annual growth rate would be in the region of 7% between 2016 and 2020.

Today, there are 156 training facilities, with 15,000 personnel graduating into the tourism workplace, but the industry needs 40,000 workers to stay ahead of the curve. Read more

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