Shower before you fly in Thailand

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BANGKOK, 14 March 2017: Thai airline passengers expect to be treated with courteousness and politeness by fellow passengers and flight attendants, according to Expedia’s 2017 Thailand Aircraft Etiquette Study released last Thursday.

The survey conducted online,  9 to 12 February, explored the expectations of Thai’ airline travellers, based on a sampling 1,125 adult Thai residents.

It showed that 86% of Thai passengers agreed that for the most part, fellow airline passengers were generally considerate, but the majority admitted to finding certain types of travellers annoying. Read more

Are Chinese travellers a pain?

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BANGKOK, 6 March 2017: Chinese are not alone when it comes to spitting out of car and bus windows, or urinating behind an obliging tree, but we conveniently like to think they have a monopoly on bad manners.

Late last month, China National Tourism Administration released a survey on whether Chinese travellers were improving their manners when visiting the top 10 overseas destinations.

(See Read more

Silver generation keeps on travelling

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BANGKOK, 6 March 2017: More than 80% of Britons over 50 expect to enjoy travelling until they are at least 75 – and nearly half say they feel 10 years or younger than they are according to a survey conducted by Silver Travel Advisor.

That was a key finding in an annual survey by the UK travel booking website, Silver Travel Advisor, based on responses from 500 people age 50 or more.

It illustrates how the imaginary age ceiling for silver generation travel is literally going through the ceiling to the late 70s and 80s age bracket. Read more

Are Chinese travellers minding their manners?

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BANGKOK, 1 March 2017: There are signs that Chinese travellers maybe mending their manners according to latest China National Tourism Administration (CNTA) survey.

The CNTA survey, released last week, interviewed 3,650 people in 10 major tourist destinations popular with Chinese tourists.

It concluded that Chinese overseas travellers were bettered mannered than five years ago, but there was still plenty room for improvement. Read more

Holiday pick is child’s play

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SINGAPORE, 19 December 2016: Children are playing an important role in deciding where families go and what they do when on holiday, a recent Holiday Inn® survey discovered.

A resounding seven in 10 respondents of the Holiday Inn ‘Do More of What You Love’ survey said it was important to get their little one’s input when choosing how and where to spend precious family breaks.

The Holiday Inn sponsored survey covered family with a history of travel in Asia, the Middle East and Africa. Read more

Trending: Busy but free to travel

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NEW YORK, 9 December 2016: Americans will spend more on travel in 2017 despite being busier than ever, reaffirming the view that travel matters to most people according to a Travel Trend Outlook by Choice Hotels.

As for preferred international travel destinations, Australia heads the wish-list leading South America and Cuba.

Asian destinations failed to make the priority travel list for those travellers surveyed. Read more

Bangkok residents ready to travel

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BANGKOK, 8 December 2016: Kasikorn Research Centre estimates   Bangkok residents will generate THB44,000 million in tourism-related revenue, up 5% on Q4, last year,  as they spend their end-of-the-year holidays up-country during the last quarter.

The bank’s think-tank unit conducted a survey of 982 Bangkokians questioning them on travel plans in Q4. The survey was carried out 10 October to 18 November this year.

According to the survey, 66.0% of respondents plan to travel in the country at least one time mostly with their families and friends. Read more

Time Out names fun cities

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LONDON, 1 December 2016: Chicago, a city credited with having the highest murder rate in the US, has been declared the world’s most fun city to live in, while Melbourne comes in second, Lisbon third and New York fourth, according to the Time Out City Index.

The annual survey asked 20,000 people in 18 cities, worldwide, 80 questions to measure a city’s food and drink scene, inspiration, vibrancy, community, sociability and affordability.

Chicago came out top in the survey by Time Out, a global brand that claims it inspires and enables people to make the most of their city. Read more

Emerging trends in events business

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SINGAPORE, 30 November 2016: A new survey on the state of the meetings industry suggests delegates are looking for teambuilding activities and intend to combine business events with time-out to enjoy a travel experience.

US-based Destination Hotels, a collection of upscale independent hotels, resorts and residences now part of Two Roads Hospitality, released key findings in its fifth annual “State of the Meetings Industry” survey, Wednesday.

Based on responses from 400 corporate, association, government and independent planners, the survey concluded that Millennials were keen to join more team building events. Read more

Thai travel trends from Expedia

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BANGKOK, 1 November 2016: Thai beachgoers would rather postpone a holiday if they are not in good shape, according to® 2016 Flip Flop Report.

They are also the lowest spenders on beach holidays, worldwide, according to the survey.

The annual study highlights the behaviour and preferences among beachgoers, worldwide, but are also broken down into national studies. Read more

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