Australia aviation on alert

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SYDNEY, 31 July 2017: Australia has foiled an Islamist-inspired terrorist plot to bring down an aircraft with an improvised explosive device, authorities said Sunday, after four people were arrested in raids across Sydney.

Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull said the plot appeared to be “elaborate” rather than planned by a lone wolf, as security was strengthened at major domestic and international airports across the nation.

“I can report last night that there has been a major joint counter-terrorism operation to disrupt a terrorist plot to bring down an airplane,” Turnbull told reporters. Read more

On camera at pub street

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SIEM REAP, 27 July 2017: Siem Reap provincial government wants to install more CCTV security cameras along a popular tourist pub street in an effort to tighten safety and security for visitors.

Khmer Times reported the scheme was supported financially by MineBea, a private Japanese company.

The street is packed with tourists in the evening visiting restaurants and pubs, but there has been an increase in petty crime that worries authorities. A study of the street showed at least another 30 cameras were required to cover the area adequately. Read more

Security contracts at Van Don airport

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QUANG NINH, 25 July 2017: Civil Aviation Authority of Vietnam has recently identified options to finalise security contracts at Van Don International Airport when it opens next March.

Vietnam Net Bridges reported CAAV will instruct relevant agencies to prepare equipment and will be active in training security officials to ensure top security services are available when the airport opens.

Meanwhile, the investor of the airport – Sung Group – will be responsible for buying and installing X-ray scanners, explosive detectors, magnetic gates, surveillance cameras and preparing infrastructure to ensure security as stipulated by the law. Read more

Spain’s tourism heads for bumper year

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MADRID, 17 July 2017: Spain’s tourism sector is poised for another bumper summer season as security concerns continue to lure visitors away from rival destinations to its cities and beaches, industry lobby group Exceltur said late last week.

Tourism activity will increase by 4.1% in 2017, Exceltur — which groups Spain’s major hotel chains, travel agents, tour operators and airlines — said in a statement. It had previously forecast an increase of 3.5%.

The body said the higher forecast was mainly due to the “strong increase in foreign demand, which was higher than forecast.” Read more

Four airports under US laptop ban

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WASHINGTON, 14 July 2017: Four airports remain under a ban for carry-on laptops on US-bound flights, imposed amid fears that Islamic State is developing a bomb concealed in personal electronics, officials said Tuesday.

The ban remains in place for Saudi Arabia’s two main international airports, in Riyadh and Jeddah, as well as Egypt’s Cairo International and Morocco’s Casablanca Mohammed V International Airport, the Department of Homeland Security said.

Six other airports across the Middle East have been removed from the ban, originally put in place 21 March, after improving security procedures. Read more

Europe’s tourism conquers security fears

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BRUSSELS, 12 July 2017: Europe continues to lure millions[1] of international travellers confirming the tourism sector’s resilience to geopolitical uncertainty and perceptions of safety and security.

According to the latest European Travel Commission’s “European Tourism 2017-Trends & Prospects”, 28 out of 30 reporting destinations recorded growth so far in 2017.

Almost one in two posted double-digit increases led by Iceland (+56%) the fastest growing destination. Read more

US eases ban for more airlines

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AMMAN: 11 July 2017: Royal Jordanian Airlines said on Sunday it has won an exemption from a US ban on passengers carrying laptops and tablet computers on flights from its hub in Amman.

The announcement comes more than three months after the United States prohibited such devices on flights from 10 airports in eight countries in the Middle East and North Africa as well as Turkey.

In news released Monday, it was confirmed that Kuwait Airways is now also on the list of airlines exempt from the so called ‘laptop ban’. Read more

EU will adopt visa exempt screening

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LUXEMBOURG, 12 July 2017: EU countries on Friday backed a proposal to adopt new security checks for Europe’s borderless Schengen area, in which visa-exempt travellers will be screened online prior to arrival.

Dubbed ETIAS, the proposal is based on a US system that would allow EU countries to quickly cross check identity documents and other details from visa-exempt travellers with a host of databases.

Nationals from nearly 60 countries currently do not need to have visas to travel the Schengen zone, including those from the United States, Canada, Australia, Japan, Taiwan, Brazil, Chile, Argentina as well as European neighbours like Albania and Bosnia. Read more

US asks for social media IDs

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WASHINGTON, 6 June 2017: The United States has begun asking some would-be visitors applying for visas to provide their identities on social media, among other more vigorous screening methods.

A State Department official, speaking on condition of anonymity, told AFP new security procedures had gone into effect last week for travellers deemed to present a risk.

The plan has already raised the concerns of civil liberties advocates, who fear travellers who pose no terrorist threat may be stigmatised for their political or religious views. Read more

No extension of laptop ban

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WASHINGTON, 31 May 2017: US aviation security officials stepped back, Tuesday, from imposing a ban on carry-on computers on flights coming from Europe, which had been proposed to guard against possible bomb-laden electronics from the Islamic State group.

But the Department of Homeland Security said a ban, already in place for US-bound flights from the Middle East, could still be implemented for Europe if the threat level worsens.

In a phone discussion with European Home Affairs Commissioner Dimitris Avramopoulos and Transport Commissioner Violeta Bulc Tuesday, DHS Secretary John Kelly “made it clear” a ban on passengers carrying tablet and computer-sized electronics on board flights to the United States “is still on the table,” DHS said in a statement. Read more

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