Nepal extends climbing permits

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KATHMANDU, 2 March 2016: Nepal has extended the climbing permits of hundreds of mountaineers forced to abandon Everest after last year’s massive earthquake, to try to lure tourists back to the Himalayas, an official said Tuesday.

Climbers, who paid USD11,000 each for a permit last year, quit their expeditions in droves when the April quake triggered an avalanche on Everest base camp that killed 18 people.

The quake marked the second year with almost no summits on Everest after the deaths of 16 Nepali guides in an avalanche in 2014 sparked a shutdown of the world’s highest peak. Read more

Another plane crashes in Nepal

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KATHMANDU, 29 February 2016: Two pilots were killed when a small passenger plane crash landed in Nepal on Friday but all nine passengers survived, an airport official said.

It is not clear what caused the accident, which came two days after a Tara Air Twin Otter turboprop plane crashed into a mountainside in Nepal killing all 23 people on board.

A spokesman for the Tribhuwan International Airport in Kathmandu confirmed that a rescue team had confirmed all the passengers survived. A helicopter was used to airlift the injured for treatment. Read more

Tara Air crashes in Nepal

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KATHMANDU, 25 February 2016: Rescuers have found the burnt-out wreckage of a passenger plane that crashed into a mountainside in Nepal, Wednesday, killing all 23 people on board, officials said.

The Twin Otter turboprop aircraft lost contact with air traffic control eight minutes after taking off from the tourist town of Pokhara early Wednesday.

The army had deployed helicopters and foot soldiers to search Myagdi, a mountainous district around 220 kilometres (160 miles) west of Kathmandu, after locals reported seeing possible wreckage of the Tara Air plane. Read more

Nepal curtails road travel

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KATHMANDU, 28 September 2015: Nepal on Sunday imposed nationwide restrictions on vehicle use due to growing fears of a fuel shortage after protesters seeking changes to a new constitution blocked a major border trade route.

Drivers are allowed on the road only on alternate days, depending on whether their licence plates end in odd or even numbers, as a result of the blockade on the India-Nepal border since Thursday night.

“The government has decided to limit the number of vehicles moving across the country due to the fuel shortage,” home ministry spokesman Laxmi Prasad Dhakal told AFP.

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Nepal grants Everest permits

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KATHMANDU, 24 August 2015: Nepal opened Everest for the autumn season, over the weekend, granting its first climbing permit four months after a deadly earthquake triggered an avalanche at its base camp.

Hundreds of climbers had to abandon attempts when the avalanche struck in April, marking a second summer season with virtually no one reaching the summit of the world’s highest mountain.

The deaths of 16 Nepalese guides in an avalanche in 2014 sparked a shutdown that year.

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World Bank funds Nepal renewal

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KATHMANDU, 25 June 2015: The World Bank announced Tuesday it will provide up to USD500 million for reconstruction in quake-devastated Nepal which is preparing to host a major conference to increase donations.

The twin quakes that struck in April and May killed more than 8,800 people, destroyed nearly half a million houses and damaged another 280,000, leaving thousands in need of food, clean water and shelter.

“We are working with the Government of Nepal and its international partners to help the country get the resources it needs to build back better,” World Bank President Jim Yong Kim said in a statement.

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Nepal’s travel falls off cliff

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POKARA, 22 June 2015: Boatman Hem Gurung waits listlessly on the deserted banks of Lake Phewa in the shadow of Nepal’s spectacular Annapurna mountain range for tourists that do not come.

“Since the earthquake, Pokhara has been empty,” Gurung complained to AFP in the lakeside resort, which once thronged with tourists attracted by its Himalayan vistas and outdoor adventure activities.

“Without tourists there is no work. I should be making thousands, but at the moment we are lucky to earn a hundred or two (USD1 to USD2) a day,” said the 49-year-old, who has worked as a boatman and tourist guide in Pokhara for 15 years.

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Porters deliver aid

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KATHMANDU, 28 May 2015: The UN World Food Programme said Wednesday it is hiring thousands of unemployed porters to deliver aid to remote parts of quake-hit Nepal inaccessible by road.

Operation Mountain Express is being carried out with Nepal’s mountaineering and trekking associations, which say the drop in tourism after the disaster could leave many porters out of work.

The operation aims to deliver food and shelter materials to an estimated 100,000 people in remote high-altitude areas of the poor Himalayan nation.

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Nepal marks one month since quake

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KATHMANDU, 26 May 2015: Hundreds of Nepalis gathered Monday at the rubble of a 19th-century tower in Kathmandu to mark one month since a devastating earthquake killed more than 8,600 people in the Himalayan nation.

The quake, which was followed by a second major tremor 12 May, brought down buildings across the country including historic temples, monuments and the much-loved Dharahara tower as tourists and locals climbed its more than 200 steps.

After the national anthem was played on loudspeakers, crowds surrounded the collapsed tower and observed 56 seconds of silence at 1156, the moment the 7.8-magnitude quake struck Nepal 25 April.

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Nepalis left to cope by themselves

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BHAKTAPUR, 15 May 2015: Krishna Prajapati’s house in the historic Nepali town of Bhaktapur only just withstood last month’s massive earthquake, but a second one this week proved too much for the weakened structure to take.

Just a day after his home collapsed on Tuesday, the 62-year-old was out salvaging bricks from piles of rubble the army had cleared from the streets of the devastated town to begin the grim task of rebuilding.

“We thought it would be okay after the first one hit. We were camping outside just in case, but we had left all our possessions in there,” said Prajapati of the home he built for his family 40 years ago.

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