Secrets of data-driven hoteliers

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SINGAPORE, 17 March 2017: Sabre Hospitality Solutions and Phocuswright released a new research report, Thursday, that evaluates channel optimisation in the hospitality industry.

It identifies critical elements of an effective, future-ready channel strategy that will maximise the ROI of both direct and indirect channels.

This new report, “Channel Optimisation in Hospitality: Secrets of Data-Driven Hoteliers,” claims to  help hoteliers make well-informed, data-driven decisions about their channel strategies and offers insights on consumer trends. Read more

Shower before you fly in Thailand

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BANGKOK, 14 March 2017: Thai airline passengers expect to be treated with courteousness and politeness by fellow passengers and flight attendants, according to Expedia’s 2017 Thailand Aircraft Etiquette Study released last Thursday.

The survey conducted online,  9 to 12 February, explored the expectations of Thai’ airline travellers, based on a sampling 1,125 adult Thai residents.

It showed that 86% of Thai passengers agreed that for the most part, fellow airline passengers were generally considerate, but the majority admitted to finding certain types of travellers annoying. Read more

Tourists fly north to Chiang Mai

March 8, 2017 by  
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BANGKOK, 8 March 2017: Thailand’s legacy Chiang Mai tourism market has undergone a millennial transformation that is now tapping into a new base of travellers seeking authentic Thai experiences.

That was just one of the conclusion of the latest C9 Hotelworks research on Thailand’s northern capital.

Last year over 4.6 million arrivals at the city’s international gateway thrust the destination into a new light, as the passenger volume trailed just Phuket in terms of provincial airport arrivals in the country. Read more

Thai domestic tourism to grow 7%

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BANGKOK, 7 March 2017: Kasikorn Research Centre estimates Thailand’s domestic tourism will grow 7 to 8%, this year, circulating THB930 to THB938 billion in tourism related revenue to rural areas.

The bank’s think-tank unit said Thais travelling in the country helped to spread revenue from major towns and cities to rural areas.

“This year, domestic tourism has more room to grow, although there are no clear signs that incentive measures will be extended to promote visits in the country…intense competition among tourism operators, hotels and airlines including indirect sectors will drive domestic tourism forward.” Read more

Silver generation keeps on travelling

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BANGKOK, 6 March 2017: More than 80% of Britons over 50 expect to enjoy travelling until they are at least 75 – and nearly half say they feel 10 years or younger than they are according to a survey conducted by Silver Travel Advisor.

That was a key finding in an annual survey by the UK travel booking website, Silver Travel Advisor, based on responses from 500 people age 50 or more.

It illustrates how the imaginary age ceiling for silver generation travel is literally going through the ceiling to the late 70s and 80s age bracket. Read more

Travel bug inspires change

March 3, 2017 by  
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NEW YORK, 3 March 2017: New global research commissioned by reveals that the thrill and excitement of first-time travel experiences positively increases confidence, broadens horizons and makes the traveller ultimately more successful in life.

The research showed that first-time travel experiences inspire us to make life-changing decisions.

It showed that more than one in 10 (13%) switched jobs or careers, one in 10 (13%) changed their relationship, and one in five (21%) deciding to move somewhere completely new. Read more

Thai hotels face stiff competition

February 28, 2017 by  
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BANGKOK, 28 February 2017: Kasikorn Research Centre estimates Thailand’s hotel sector will generate THB560 to THB574 billion this year in gross revenue, an increase of 3.7% to 5.5% year-on-year, despite growing competition.

The bank’s think-tank  said competition in the hotel business continued to heighten in 2016, with more hotels in the pipeline.

“Now, as existing hotel operators carefully weigh their moves, new entrants venture into the market through mergers and acquisitions, bringing in new investment.” Read more

Southeast Asian beaches dominate list

February 28, 2017 by  

SINGAPORE, 28 February 2017: India’s Radhanagar beach on an island in the Andaman Sea emerged as the top rated beach in the region by TripAdvisor reviewers.

Released Monday, TripAdvisor’s Travellers’ Choice Awards for Beaches in Asia identified Radhanagar Beach, on Havelock Island, Andaman and Nicobar in India as the Asia’s number one beach based on reviews.

Two Indian beaches made it to the top 10 list along with a beach in Sri Lanka, but Southeast Asia dominated with seven of Asia’s top-ranked beaches. Read more

Dream holidays win over romance

February 14, 2017 by  

LONDON, 14 February 2017: Romance is off the cards this Valentine’s Day, with a third (33%) of Brits claiming they would give up sex for a month if it meant going on a dream holiday.

A new survey from loveholidays revealed that 38% of women would happily swap a month of sex for their dream getaway, compared to just 28% of men.

Sheffield came out as the least romantic city, with half of people living there saying they would be willing to make the trade. This isn’t the case in the Welsh town of Aberystwyth where nobody is prepared to sacrifice sex. Read more

Free Wi-Fi tops tourist list

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BANGKOK, 17 November 2016: Free Wi-Fi is a top item for consideration when booking a hotel, according to Expedia & HL Group Hotel Etiquette Poll for Thailand.

According to the report, released Monday, HL Group commissioned a survey to explore general hotel experiences in Thailand.

GfK Custom Research LLC (GfK) administered the survey online, last August, researching options based on a representative sampling of 1,027 randomly selected adults resident in Thailand. Read more

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