Tips to make business travel better

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SINGAPORE, 24 February 2017: Sabre Corporation and Egencia, the business travel company of Expedia, released, Thursday, analysis and recommendations on ways companies can support their road warrior employees while travelling.

The joint whitepaper titled, “The Year of the Business Traveller: Four keys to use data to support road warriors in 2017”.

Based on analysis of Sabre’s global air, hotel and ancillary booking data, companies have the opportunity to increase traveller satisfaction in several areas, especially for road warriors. Read more

Travels made safer

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BANGKOK, 20 February 2017: UNWTO should be applauded for its efforts to introduce a charter on tourist protection. It’s a subject that rarely raises glasses in a toast of support at travel trade cocktail parties.

The trade is usually preoccupied with protecting its own interests in the time of crisis. That could extend to outdoing competitors with a not-to-be missed discount loaded with small print to trap consumers during a tour operator’s hour of need.

UNWTO has put the shoe on the other foot this time looking at how we should care for consumers in their hour of need. Read more

Steamy marathon in Helsinki

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HELSINKI, 20 February 2017: Visitors to Helsinki, the capital of Finland, can enjoy a traditional Finnish sauna any time of the year, but twice a year a special kind of sauna festival gets underway.

The 11 March event opens the doors to private saunas throughout the city for everyone to enjoy.

The sauna has traditionally been a social gathering place among Finns, yet most of the saunas in Helsinki these days are in private use only. Helsinki Sauna Day opens the doors to many private saunas for the public to enjoy. Read more

Heritage icons power Mekong tourism

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BANGKOK, 10 February 2017: Both Thailand and Cambodia are filing gigabytes of documents to UNESCO to support their efforts to add more cultural and natural to the various World Heritage site listings.

This week’s online posts had an update on the latest filings that if successful will add value for travellers visiting the Mekong Region. Thailand is keen to add to its World Heritage destinations, Phra That Phanom temple in Northeast Thailand that stands close to the banks of the Mekong River marking the border with Laos.

The iconic temple is very close to the hearts of all I-san (northeast Thailand) residents. It deserves to be a World Heritage site to recognise its influence on the cultural and religious life of I-san. It also reflects the comprehensive and painstaking restoration of a monument that collapsed during a torrential rainstorm in 1975. Read more

Not your typical tourist town

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KENG TUNG, MYANMAR, 3 February 2017: Keng Tung could be a million miles away. It’s not. In fact’ it’s relatively close to my hometown province of Chiang Rai; 163 km beyond the province’s border with neighbouring Myanmar on a twisting road through hilly terrain.

Once you cross the Mae Sai –Tachilek border checkpoint, 68 km north of Chiang Rai town, it’s just a four-hour bus drive to Keng Tung.

But it feels a long way perhaps because it takes all day to get there and Keng Tung is an understatement as far as tourism goes when you arrive. Read more

Editor’s Post: Day of reckoning

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BANGKOK, 3 February 2017: I could be accused of harping on about zero-dollar tours, beating the subject dry, but it’s been around a long, long time, probably longer than we care to imagine.

In 1976, I wrote my first account of zero-dollar tourism in Thailand, while working for the Bangkok Post. The zero-dollar tour business model was a topic for a slow news day along with the second airport project in the swampland of Nong Ngu Hao and a pie-in-the-sky train dream.

Taiwanese and Hong Kong tour operators were the culprits in those bad old days, but the business model was almost the same. Guides queued to present their bids to lead a tour. They lived off the commissions that more than compensated them for the pay off to the overseas supplier. Read more

Tachilek on an e-Visa

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CHIANG RAI, 17 January 2017: Travel to the Mekong Region is often called the ‘last frontier,” but with a littler effort the frontier hassles can be rolled back for the determined traveller.

A phrase coined to conjure up the mystique of travel ironically identifies the major snag for travellers to the Greater Mekong Sub-region; frontiers.

Myanmar is a contradiction as far as last frontiers are concerned. It rolls back obstacles through its widely popular e-Visa programme, while frustrating innovative travel providers with frontier closures that put the tourism of entire regions at risk. Read more

Holiday pick is child’s play

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SINGAPORE, 19 December 2016: Children are playing an important role in deciding where families go and what they do when on holiday, a recent Holiday Inn® survey discovered.

A resounding seven in 10 respondents of the Holiday Inn ‘Do More of What You Love’ survey said it was important to get their little one’s input when choosing how and where to spend precious family breaks.

The Holiday Inn sponsored survey covered family with a history of travel in Asia, the Middle East and Africa. Read more

Expedia: Book early and bundle

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BELLEVUE, WASHINGTON, 16 December 2016: Declining airline ticket prices and a global surge in capacity suggests 2017 could be a banner year for global tourism, according to the latest Expedia analysis.

The report advises travellers to book early, at least 21 days up front, and bundle airline bookings with hotels and car rental to take advantage of packaging discounts.

Forecasts and trends are outlined in a report, New Heights for Air Travel, released this week by Expedia and its partner Airlines Reporting Corporation. Read more

Will Thailand revive controversial travel insurance

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BANGKOK, 15 December 2016: A proposal to introduce compulsory travel insurance for all travellers visiting Thailand failed to gain traction in 2016, mainly due to stiff opposition from the travel industry.

But it hasn’t gone away. It’s hibernating.

The same minister of tourism, who suggested travel insurance and even the ridiculous wrist ID bracelet proposal, remains in the chair and therefore it is likely she will revisit the subject of travel insurance in 2017. Read more

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