Sabre names president hospitality

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SINGAPORE, 27 July 2017: Sabre Corporation appointed Clinton Anderson, earlier this week, as president of Sabre Hospitality Solutions (SHS), effective 7 August.

He will succeed Alex Alt who has accepted an executive position at another company.

Anderson joined Sabre in 2014, and he currently serves as senior vice president of strategy. Read more

Faster finds on TripAdvisor

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BANGKOK, 25 May 2017: TripAdvisor, announced, Wednesday, a new streamlined experience for its native iOS app available in Apple’s App Store.

Now travellers can more easily plan every aspect of their trip on the TripAdvisor app, including finding low prices for the right hotel, as well as get the best value on flights, holiday rentals, restaurants and other things to do in-destination. With advice from millions of global travellers, the newly redesigned app empowers travellers with the insights they need to make informed travel choices with the confidence they will have a great trip.

“Travellers want to know they’re getting the best value on a hotel and other parts of the trip, and we have now redesigned our app to make sure they do just that,” said TripAdvisor chief executive officer and co-founder, Stephen Kaufer. “The new TripAdvisor app experience allows travellers to compare prices and book their hotel, find great things to do on the go, and unleash the full potential of their trip.” Read more

App targets millennial travellers

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BOSTON, MA, 17 May 2017:  TripCraft, a hotel industry provider of mobile solutions, launched a new hotel booking app and website,, this week, that targets Millennial travellers.

The market is identified as one of the fastest growing travel demographics, estimated to reach 320 million international trips annually by 2020.

Using  experience-based, destination-specific content, enables users to create custom travel experiences, rather than just book a hotel room. Read more

Traveliko start-up big on charity

May 5, 2017 by  
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BANGKOK, 5 May 2017: A new online travel portal named traveliko announced its imminent launch, Thursday, during a press conference hosted in Bangkok.

The specially developed web portal was designed from scratch to promote fair, ethical, value-added travel, while helping users make the world a better place.

Following beta version tests over three years, traveliko is being launched by a group of hospitality professionals. Read more

Sabre names VP airlines

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SINGAPORE, 12 April 2017: Sabre Corporation has appointed Rakesh Narayanan vice president of supplier commerce, Asia Pacific, for Sabre Travel Network, its B2B travel marketplace business.

Reporting to Sabre Travel Network senior vice president of airline commerce, Chris Wilding, Narayanan will lead commercial activities serving Sabre’s Asia Pacific airline customers. Read more rebuffs block

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BANGKOK, 4 April 2017: is filing an appeal against a Turkish court injunction that blocked the popular travel website in Turkey.

In a statement to TTR Weekly, Monday, said the court blocked the site’s domestic bookings in Turkey.

“We disagree with the injunction and are in the process of filing an appeal. However, always abides by local law,” the statement read. Read more

Sabre’s GetThere gets better

April 3, 2017 by  
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SINGAPORE, 3 April 2017: Sabre’s GetThere travel management solution moves to the next level with the launch of a fast, design-led mobile experience to provide business travellers a simple way to book and manage in-policy travel while on the go.

Based on research sessions to evaluate what travellers and travel managers needed from an online booking tool, the newly redesigned GetThere empowers travellers to make smarter in-policy booking decisions.

The new consumer-grade and streamlined user experience gives them more self-service options and delivers an optimal search, shop and book experience whether on mobile or desktop. Read more

Virtual race along the Silk Road

March 30, 2017 by  
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HANGZHOU, CHINA, 30 March 2017: Hangzhou Tourism Commission in partnership with Expedia Media Solutions, has launched a virtual space  “Silk Road Race, Explore the Living Hangzhou” tourism campaign.

Virtual explorers from England, France, and Germany will compete against each other to reach a virtual Hangzhou, by accumulating 5,500 tweets.

Revisiting the Silk Road’s, more than 1,000 years of cultural exchange  that spanned 5,500 miles from Europe to China is measured by tweet posts not miles in this virtual race. Read more

Sabre taps Hertz inventory

March 9, 2017 by  
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SINGAPORE, 9 March 2017: Technology provider Sabre Corporation has signed an expanded agreement to display Hertz Corporation’s full inventory of car rental rates, including those available via and its mobile app.

Sabre said the agreement will enable 425,000 travel agents powered by Sabre’s APIs to have access to all of Hertz’s rates.

A longstanding user of Sabre’s e-commerce technology, Hertz Corporation chose Sabre as the first GDS provider to distribute its worldwide rental  inventory, including Hertz, Dollar, Thrifty and Firefly brands. Read more

One-stop bookings a reality

March 3, 2017 by  
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SINGAPORE, 3 March 2017: Today’s traveller performs an average of 48 searches across eight sites before landing with a specific travel option.

But smarter faster ways to find and book fares are unfolding and one of them involves an Amadeus partnership with Skyscanner and Finnair

Finnair’s full fare inventory is available on Skyscanner through Amadeus’ Altéa New Distribution Capability (NDC), allowing travellers to directly purchase Finnair tickets without leaving the Skyscanner platform.

Read more

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